Growing Squash in Straw/Hay Bales - Sustainable Vegetable Gardening

In this video I show you from start to finish the process of growing squash in a bale. It is very simple and we were really pleased with the results even though we were growing on a west facing bank. It is cheap, easy to do and a fun project for anyone growing food. Become a supporter of HuwsNursery:
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Growing Squash in Straw/Hay Bales – Sustainable Vegetable Gardening

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  • Joshua De Lisle

    Hey Huw, I'm loving your videos, please would you do an up to date version on garlic planting and harvesting, things I would like to know more of compared to your old video, would be watering, spacing, outside compared to inside and pots compared to beds? If you do, that would be amazing as im just about to try planing garlic for the first time!

  • Craig Overend

    I've seen a few studies that have shown fresh straw tends reduce the amount of plant available nitrogen and phosphorus. Letting it decompose like you did, or soaking it in water or a weed tea before applying helps, alternatively urine is a great source of nitrogen and phosphorus…

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