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  • Marvin Double

    Very useful information. My wife and I are just beginning to put in our gardens in a new home. This property has never had a garden before so we're starting from scratch. We're planting raised beds, and have an interest in planting very densely to maximize potential yields. The square foot method, using a trellis for tomatoes and other vining crops looks like it will work for us. Thanks for sharing.

  • john papple

    This is how I'm growing my first tomatoes ever. I was confused about suckers before this video, but seeing such an organized plant really cleared things up for me.

  • thedr00

    You can root those suckers and they'll turn into a new plant. As an experiment i threw them into some vermiculite in a kratky hydroponic setup i made, I was plucking tomatoes off that sucker roughly 30 days later.

  • Penny Crosby

    I love all your videos… So informative for a beginner grower like myself.. Great info Tyler for the larger tomatoes.. I like the Better Boy.. Hoping they do well.. Thanks again :)

  • Tiffany Patton

    Anyone has heirloom sukcers they want to ship in bulk, let me know. I can clone almost anything and both sell and donate to community gardens, soup kitchens and shelters. I'm in AZ. Great square foot plan.

  • Eric Fulda

    Great videos, thanks. I manage the Charles Street Community Garden in Sunnyvale where the beds are 4 x 8 ft per gardener. Given we have small beds, how can you rotate your tomatoes. After 10 year we are seeing more and more disease in our plants. Any suggestion. PS In one group gardening bed we grow about 75 single stem tomatoes in a 50 ft long X 5ft wide planted 1.5 ft apart. Lastly what kind of irrigation system is being used or recommended for single stem tomatoes?

  • Jordan Graham

    I've been doing the single stem method this year with my cherry tomatoes and my large tomatoes, my cherry tomatoes are over 7 ft tall and I kid you not, I have hundreds of tomatoes on each plant. I have about 30 tomatoes on my big boy and it still has not passed 5 ft tall

  • Jake Perry

    Also, When you're taking off the suckers, Get some Rooting hormone, and plant the suckers. Those will get you a new tomato plant. If you let a sucker go for  a week, plant it deep, and you'll be harvesting tomatoes in a month.

  • Vicky B

    Interesting.  I'm in northern IL and I tend to have crazy bumper crops getting hundreds of tomatoes (and cucumbers) from just 3 or 4 plants.  The only problem is we're only a family of 5!  This might be a good solution for a family garden that wants vegetables but isn't wasting vegetables or space.

    Also, do you have a post on how to prune cucumbers?  I was picking 2 dozen cucumbers a day from my 3 plants.  They were also growing up on a trellis.

  • katmykittiesmom

    Why is nobody saying that you can dig a hole with a large stick, pour water inside, insert the end of a plucked sucker, and it will grow a whole new tomato plant for late-season tomatoes?  Actually, in Southern California, tomatoes can winter over and produce fruit the next year (only on heirloom varieties that I know of).

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