Watch our hydroponic pepper plants grow from seedlings all the way to fully flowering plants. This project spans about 3 months, from sowing seeds to the full plants shown at the end.

NOTE: I forgot to mention that I re-potted the plants early on in hydroton pellets. The rockwool cubes were developing some algae and the water had become murky. I changed the nutrients and carefully transplanted the plants into clay hydroton pellets in new net pots.

In the next video, I will be cross breeding these two plants to create a new pepper variety. Subscribe so you won’t miss it!

Growing peppers:

Your Essential Guide to Growing Perfect Peppers

How to make the jars (Part 1):

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Growing Peppers in Hydroponics Jars – From Seeds to Full Plants (Part 2)

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  • Culture Is Not a Crime

    The containers you have used are much too small for simple but stable deep water culture solution for pepper; big roots absorb lots of water and ions, so in small volume of nutrient solution (made of low quality tap water with already high EC) you have constant fluctuations of ph and more problems which leads to conditions that inhibit growth even in decent growroom. Keep learning xD

  • Richard

    I just started to grow hydro. I started with proper ph. How often should I be checking it? I also started with 50% strength. Did you mention the strength you started at? I have a few with edema as well. Need more water thanks if I end up keeping them

  • Paweł Pańka

    Hello, hope you can help. Can one grow different varieties of chilies in the same place if you are not collecting seeds. Will it have an impact on the chilli fruits. As I said, not interested in collecting seeds for next year.

  • Melissa Battiato

    This has given me the confidence to try peppers in my small hydroponic system- I’ve had lots of success with lettuce and kitchen herbs… might need to try this. Can’t wait for part three!

  • CHase Flavin

    Both look great btw! Thanks for sharing the diy vid! Growing my first peppers in soil and they’re taking forever so I might use this method haha