In this video we hav tried growing the heathly mustard microgreens without soil.
Mustard microgreens are known to reduce bad cholesterol in our body.
Till day 3 I kept the bucket and the container on which we put mustard seeds inside my house for warmth.
Happy kitchen gardening!

Growing mustard greens without soil hydroponically. Microgreens for beginners 🌱🌿🍀

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  • Lakshmi's Sprouting Seeds

    Sprouts and microgreens are not one and the same. Sprouts are usually grown in water and harvested within 2-3 days while microgreens are grown in soil, require sunlight, and are harvested afterΒ 1-3 weeksof growing time, when they are about 2 inches tall. Baby greens are grown for longer periods and are usually around 3-4 inches tall when they are harvested.
    Many people are not getting the recommended amount of vegetables and fruits per day for many reasons including access, cost, convenience, and taste preference. Microgreens can easily be grown at home in a small space with little cost and provide a huge return in terms of nutrients.

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