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We had a lot of feedback from viewers when we first started growing cantaloupe and watermelon plants on a trellis. They were concerned that the fruit would be too heavy as it hung from the vines on the trellis and those were reasonable concerns! Fortunately we had a plan to help make it all work. Check out this video to see our solution! #KICS #keepingitcountrysimple #rockingchomestead If you are interested in any Rocking C Homestead Merchandise check out our Teespring store. Amazon link: Watermelon/Cantaloupe Hammocks: We’d like to invite everyone to like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook: Music: Hooky with Sloane – Bird Creek Related PostsGrowing Melons on a Trellis | Vertical GrowingMelon netting – Growing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellisGrowing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellisGarden Trellis for Cucumbers and MelonsHow to Sling Vertical Growing MelonsHow To Build a Cheap Strong Trellis for About 40 Bucks For Squash, Watermelon / Melons

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  • Rocking C Homestead 3 weeks ago

    If you liked this video you will for sure like the ones in this playlist.

  • MizzSkully B. 3 weeks ago

    Cantyhammies!! Cute! Will definitely try this! Thanks for the video!

  • Shirley Ethier 3 weeks ago

    You have given me so many ideas. I am going to try some of the ways you've grown and secured your melons. Maybe next try I will do better. Again thanks for the awesome information.

  • Northstarunlimited56 3 weeks ago

    Too cute…looks like a baby carrier!! Your melons look great!! Thanks for the info…I was one of the "concerned" folks…I'd never seen melons growing on trellis' before…cool idea now I might have room to grow some too.

  • Nancy Litton 3 weeks ago

    Good video!

  • Thirteen Moons Homestead 3 weeks ago

    What a great idea! That would save a ton of space growing them on trellis.

  • Debbie Flores 3 weeks ago

    Hi Lance and Marci! I have some beautiful melon plants growing on a vertical trellis and they have lots of male flowers but very few females. Any ideas for what to use to fertilize them to get some fruit growing and to get some female flowers and fruit to set? I have used a straight 5-5-5 but I think they might need something that gets the fruits to grow. I hope you have ideas!

  • StephT5 3 weeks ago

    Good job of using what you have!

  • Sara Savage 3 weeks ago

    Glad to see the melons getting the support they need. 🙂

  • Julie Hiestand 3 weeks ago

    I'm putting those 2 recipes in the mail tomorrow. Enjoy.