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  • bryan bowles 1 year ago

    what are them things in the rockwool suppling nuts to the root.??

  • Manuel Garcia Fernandez 1 year ago

    hey I have a question! I am growing with hydro for the first time and I dont really know once tghe roots came out, the water level should be touching the rock wool or just the roots?? Thanks!?

  • Gregory House 1 year ago

    Love the set up wth the central resevoir! Really nice?

  • LEGENDS-JOURNEY 1 year ago

    'no brown spots no bugs" – hahah give it time. i recommend going out and buy stuff for mites at the very least.?

  • Richard Cox 1 year ago

    how much did this whole setup cost??

  • Jesse Desjarlais 1 year ago

    This has probably already been said but you need to get that ph down to a healthy 5.8

  • Ramesha Agus 1 year ago

    Thank you for your video.
    Also I have some secrets to grows up to 10 times the plants, in half the time, with healthier plants, while the "fish" execute everything…

  • IshatOnU 1 year ago

    Right, because this isn't the internet and he couldn't have possibly read up on it and did his homework first?

  • seaner21889 1 year ago

    im think about buying the big boy hydroponic system did this cost you more then 350

  • sugardippedtitz 1 year ago

    Spend the extra 1.00 on food grade buckets.

  • yunggdfolk 1 year ago

    @tatman13158 hey man how much did the system cost all together

  • NiMeNi94 1 year ago

    what light are you using?

  • robert/clarissa cavazos 1 year ago

    are you serious you mean to tell us this is your first time growing hydro your full of shit whos really growing this
    i know for a fact it took longer than that if ur an engineer or a man with a phd i might believe u

  • jess inator 1 year ago

    someones takin you for a ride……suggestions….stop wasting your money.

  • xDATD9UDEx 1 year ago

    using clones I start off running 600ppm and by week 3 of veg 1200ppm and ph no higher than 5.9 and no lower than 5.6 and I also slam the light right on top of them around 4 to 8" from the tops using canna aqua nutes

  • princessatwood 1 year ago

    can i have a schematic of your setup? send it to, would appreciate

  • rhun664 1 year ago

    how much would this whole system cost?

  • hondaswithheaters 1 year ago

    your camera must have cost a lot 🙂 at first I thought the 5 gal bucket was your resivor

  • crepping1 1 year ago

    Do you have a pump the large reservoir or is it just gravity fed?

  • Mike Ambeau 1 year ago

    you suck