UPDATE: After many experiments, I have learned the standard hydroton media for lemon grass is not ideal. Nor is larger stones.

Lemon grass flourishes in continuous moisture sludge. Muck. I planted two lines of lemon grass, one line in a ten foot old galvanized steel channel, the other in a six inch PVC tube, then ran kitchen discharge water through the long tray and the PVC tube.

The lemon grass grew so dense as to stop the flow in the PVC tube.

See the effect here:

The steel channel offers the lemon grass roots more space. That mass of lemon grass continues.

Again, muck. Grow the lemon grass in muck. Until the success of the growing jams the system.

——————— 0 ————————

Lemon grass flourishes in hydroponic gardens.

Even when grown in this small-diameter PVC tube, gardeners can harvest enough lemon grass for spicing foods or making exotic tea.

This video launches a comparison between hydroponic-grown lemon grass and standard garden-grown.

At the end of the video, I cut the lemon grass at the base. In the coming months, I will compare the regrowth of the hydroponic lemon grass with my plants in soil.
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Growing Lemon Grass In A PVC Hydroponic Garden

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