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  • FesterWerks 6 months ago

    Nice update!

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 6 months ago

    Maters are looking good, John!

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 6 months ago

    Kratky roots look very healthy John ! Oregon Spring should really take off now. I thought the taste was good, but not great. But I think every tomato I grow taste good-lol

  • Richard Ramirez 6 months ago

    I have been experimenting with kratky method and have had great results outside with strawberries, and lettuce. 1 year ago i tried growing indoor tomatoes had the similar problem, too much nitro and not enough calcium.  After watching this i think il give it a try again but outdoor and i need to think how to deal with pest.  Great video.

  • Hi, what lights are you using to grow the tomatoes? Thanks.