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update#4, I am sure that the browning of the leaves is nutrient burn. I dumped the buckets and lowered the nutrient concentration I put back into the water. I think (hope) this will do the trick. Get more useful tips for growing tomatoes here Tomatoes have always been a hot favorite among vegetable gardening hobbyists and this trend seems universal. What makes growing tomatoes so appealing to vegetable gardeners? Perhaps, it is the ease of planting tomatoes that is attractive. Besides, the bright color of the tomatoes could be a draw too. Well, bright colors always look cheerful and brighten up one’s day. Tips For Growing Tomatoes Here are the items you need to buy to get started with growing tomatoes in pots: Knowing your soil type will be useful in helping you learn how often to water. On average, you will most likely water twice a week. Sandy soil drains more quickly, so more frequent watering may be needed. Take a sample of your soil to your local nursery to find out what kind it is, if you don’t know. A soil moisture monitoring probe is a useful tool to help you evaluate and adjust your watering scheme when you grow tomato plants. It is inexpensive and easy to use. There are other species of nematodes that are destructive to tomato plants. Called root-knot nematodes, they live in the soil and invade the roots, hampering their ability to take up nutrients. They tend to occur in warmer climates with shorter winters, where the soil conditions remain more hospitable. They are difficult to control. Because it takes them several seasons to really establish in the soil, you may be suddenly taken by surprise. Because tomatoes tend to be susceptible to soil borne diseases, especially fungal ones, there is a […]

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