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My attempt at growing hydroponic tomatoes. I tried last year to grow several different plants outdoors, but had very little results. The soil here at my house is mainly sand so I thought I would try growing hydroponic. This is all new to me. Video Rating: / 5 Here is my deep water culture tomato rig. It features vertically hung grow spectrum fluorescent tubes and bloom spectrum CFL bulbs overhanging four 5-gallon buckets, each lined with Reflectix insulation and equipped with an air stone. This video will very briefly run through how to manually wire an electronic ballast to hang fluorescent tubes without a fixture. Leave a comment if you have any questions or tips! Related PostsGrowing Hydroponic TomatoesGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes With Just A 10w Grow LightHydroponic Tomatoes – Start Growing IndoorsGrowing hydroponic tomatoes in Minnesota getting biggerGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes!Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes on my Patio

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  • Lee Mcglynn 5 years ago

    If you do this again and have it added some Mylar around the plants I suggest that?

  • Austen H 5 years ago

    curious if you have a follow up; how are you toms doing? Just getting started with hydro myself.?

  • Mattie J. Smith 5 years ago

    The downside of hydroponics is that you will need to shop for "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be pricey.?

  • DragonFly Turner 5 years ago

    How bout just some t5s?

  • Michael Green 5 years ago


  • Michael Green 5 years ago


  • Bayside1320 5 years ago

    awwww your being a fun govenor…lol

  • Blunt Dorothy M. 5 years ago

    Thank you for the movie.
    I also have some guidelines to grows up to 10 times the plants, in half the time, with healthier plants, while the "fish" do all the work…

  • just1985stl 5 years ago

    my setup cost waaaay less! like 40$ lmao..

  • Max Wifebanger 5 years ago


  • Mark Chapman 5 years ago

    I'm curious how you suspended those lights. I've tried using those bi-pin sockets and the prongs just slide out. Did you do anything special to secure them?

  • jrstow86 5 years ago

    I like your theory on grounding. Haha

  • Hideto Shimizu 5 years ago

    She's your sister?!

  • stmahlberg 5 years ago

    There isn't any positive or negative when dealing with AC power. I would also plug this into a GFI circuit in your house since you are dealing with water. I would also recommend buying pre-wired lights… They're much safer than what you have here.

  • Raytard124 5 years ago

    Fire Hazard!!!!! AHHHH Ballast on floor below water level!?!? Arrgh! I see loose wires! you need zip ties and junction boxes. Not trying to troll just be more cautious. Try soldering or crimping those connections. Those type of "twist" connectors are meant to be out of sight in a junction box

  • UrbanFarm210 5 years ago

    Ild have to agree… Dont ever use those cheap "clamps" spend the 10$ for the cheapest solder iron with shrink wrap and solder those connections using a standard lighter to heat shrink the rubber around the solder. Very simple, will take 5 extra mins and your not up all night wondering if it looks like the fourth of july in your basement.

  • jack adogoff 5 years ago

    "holly" fire hazard batman.

  • happygameshow 5 years ago

    Really great video enjoyed the humour too.