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Success! This was my first hydroponic tomato experience. I rescued these seedlings from the Aerogarden, the pods there germinated more than one plant per pod, so I decided to transplant the thinned out plants from the Aerogarden into the same setup I use for my hydroponic lettuce and other leafy greens, using the Kratky method. It worked! BUT, I did make one very rookie mistake, although I was still rewarded with a nice crop of cherry tomatoes for my efforts. And next time I will grow my hydroponic tomatoes in a BIGGER container!!! I hope you try this too! Thank you for watching. My Aerogarden from Amazon: Link to video on the Kratky method of hydroponics: You can find the items I use in this video on Amazon here: Grow Lights: Nutrients: Grow Big by Fox Farms: Rockwool Cubes: Clay Pebbles: Mason Jars (make sure they are wide mouth): Net Cups 3 inch: Grow Lights: Growing Trays: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce Using the Kratky MethodGrowing Peppers and Tomatoes by a Suspended Pot, Non Circulating Kratky Hydroponic MethodKratky method hydroponic herbs — Growing without power or soilGrow Infinite Basil Plants for using Hydroponics or the Kratky MethodGrowing hydroponic tomatoes indoors #7Hydroponics Homemade Growing System | Kratky Method | Chocolate Bhutlah | Nutrient Test | #4

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  • Genesis1G 4 weeks ago

    Love the video.

  • Sharie Potter 4 weeks ago

    Would a larger mason jar work? I’ve got big mason jars that are brown glass that I think are a liter size. And the brown color will keep light out.

  • OSMBLSM 4 weeks ago

    I learned a lot from your video, thank you. I like using 3 and 5 gallon buckets like the bakery and food packing places use, that way I know they're food grade. Also, I grow indeterminate tomatoes outside where they can stretch n grow as big as they want and for indoor the bush and determinate ones seem to be best. I feel the same way about the suckers as I do about thinning them out. The little hairs on the stem are just roots waiting to happen so I plant them too lol. I've been waiting for my growing season to begin but after watching this n realizing my apartment has all the windows on the south side of the building I think I'll start a few plants right away. Again, thanks so much for sharing what you learned.

  • Hardcore Horticulture 4 weeks ago

    maybe you could of let the seedlings grow and take them as cuttings next time

  • Grey Silverback 4 weeks ago

    Great job ! Thanks for sharing.

  • Uffeman 4 weeks ago

    I really learned a lot from this video, keep up the good work.
    – Cheers from Sweden

  • L Cheng 4 weeks ago

    Nice, Informational

  • Michael Tipsword 4 weeks ago

    Great presentation! Keep up the good work!

  • cire lefebure 4 weeks ago

    Great video/content, thank you miss.

  • joe defazio 4 weeks ago

    Get some 5gallon buckets for tomatoes and cukes

  • Jeffery Trevathan 4 weeks ago

    If you just add an AirStone to each mason jar hooked up to an aquarium air pump you will see results similar to the AeroGarden.
    3-5 gallon buckets, you can transplant those net pots into a lid on top of a 5 gallon pail the same plants you have in the mason jars. And I recommend putting the air stone hooked up to an aquarium air pump and you will see a huge difference similar to the AeroGarden, I promise you.
    Nice indoor grow growing your doing. I used to use the AeroGarden and grew indoors, hydroponically when I had a home just like you're doing.

  • nikonmother 4 weeks ago

    Tikki, have you seen the root pouches that Larry Hall on youtube has? Get a gallon size, fill it with potting mix and worm castings, put your tomato in it, set it in a tray of shallow water under the lights and you will have tomatoes.

  • Curly Joe 4 weeks ago

    "The mason jars were too small" Upgrade to a 1/2 gallon mason jar. Same size opening/lid so it is a drop in replacement. Am going to try this by putting some Florida Petite seedlings in a 1/2 gallon mason jar (our hardware store stocks them. If yours does not they can usually be ordered on line and shipped to the store with no shipping charges).

  • Scorpios Lab 4 weeks ago

    5 gallon with whole cut out of line lid. Insert net cup, and medium. Use a fish tank airator for better growth.

  • Horrie Buell 4 weeks ago

    Ok, the plants in the jars need to be topped up with growing solution not water. They use the solution not just water… Did hydroponics for years, all kinds of systems…

  • Royal X 4 weeks ago

    can you explain more what are you doing with that tooth brush? I though tomatoes pollinate themselves

  • Wardens 4 weeks ago

    Nice. I took a cutting from an indeterminate cherry tomato variety and grew it Kratky style… but it keeps growing and growing, and I keep cutting it back. So now I'm growing a heirloom dwarf determinate variety called Tiny Tim (they only grow to 12-18"). I''m using the black home depot 5-gallon buckets, my plants are flowering and they are only down about an inch in nutrient after 5-weeks. THANKS for the electric toothbrush idea, I had an old battery powered one that I'm going to use.

  • Tally Hall Enthusiast 4 weeks ago

    Glad someone feels the same way I do when thinning plants lol