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In this video I introduce you to my hydroponic beefsteak tomato plant. At the time of this video, this hydroponic tomato is about six weeks old. I plan on doing weekly or biweekly updates on this plant to show you what growing tomatoes indoors is like. These are the products I am currently using for my indoor hydroponics grows. I only recommend products I actually use for my grows. Please feel free to ask any questions about these items. Grow Tent – Grow Lights – Hydroponic Nutrients – Rockwool – Net Pots – AeroGarden – Related PostsGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes Indoors Using the Kratky MethodGrowing Plants Indoors in the Philippines: Hydroponics, Spacebuckets, Grow Tent and Grow LightsGrowing Hydroponic Cucumbers Indoors: From Kratky to Soil, a story of survival!Hydroponic Tomato Plant (Sucker) Update – Part 2 KRATKY HYDROPONIC SYSTEM/METHOD.Hydroponic Tomato Plant (Sucker) Update – Part 3 KRATKY HYDROPONIC SYSTEM/METHODIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode Something

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  • Hermit Hydroponics 8 months ago

    nice looking plant. ill be starting some tomatoes this week. i just subscribed.