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Cities that are organic, messy and evolve over time, with lots of small scale magic, are the typee of cities Glenn Howell’s is fascinated by. Hear Glenn’s fascinating insights and personal journey as a leading city architect on what happens when your city is not dense enough. Glenn Howells has built a strong reputation for designing innovative buildings and master planning. He has led Glenn Howells Architects (GHA) for the last 27 years to win numerous major design competitions and over 120 awards. Glenn has led some of Britain’s most complex and ambitious regeneration projects and has been particularly influential in shaping Birmingham over the last 20 years. GHA have been involved in guiding Birmingham’s Big City Plan but also the major regeneration projects within it including Paradise, Brindley Place, Eastside / HS2 and most recently the Westside of the City. Outside GHA, Glenn is involved in a number of cultural and education organisations he currently chairs the board of the Ikon Gallery and MADE (the West Midlands Architecture Centre). He also sits on the governing boards of Birmingham City University and Birmingham Hippodrome. Glenn continues to work closely with the RIBA and CABE where he was a member of the 2012 Olympic design review committee. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at Related PostsHEALTHY CITIES, HAPPY CITIESHealthy Cities, Healthy Towns: An Atlantic ForumGil Penalosa presents Creating Vibrant & Healthy Cities for All at MAS’s 2018 Summit for NYCHealthy Trees Healthy Cities: PruningAndrew L. Dannenberg – Healthy citiesDesigning Healthy Cities PBS Television Series Preview

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