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The Garden Tower Project developed a revolutionary gardening technology designed to solve world hunger but also is great for lazy organic gardeners. Related PostsThank you for growing with us — The Garden Tower Project“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningThe Vertical Composting Container Garden By Garden Tower ProjectGarden Tower Project: Getting StartedGarden Tower ProjectEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food

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  • David Georgi 1 year ago

    Its in the works.

  • Brad Bell 1 year ago

    GardenDude – please post an updated video of your garden tower!  Can you include tips on what grew well, and other advice for people getting started with a gardentower?

  • suburban homestead 1 year ago

    That's a neat idea!

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 1 year ago

    Dude!!! What a view you have there. This is a really cool video my friend. You can grow a ton of food in a small space with that thing!