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John from goes on a field trip to South Florida to learn about what Bruce is growing in his standard residential suburban home. He is growing trees and shrubs in the front yard and vegetables and even more trees in the back yard. Learn about growing in grow boxes made out of sterilite storage bins and learn more about moringa. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Grow a Vegetable Garden Year Round in South FloridaEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodVegetable Gardening South Florida StyleTeaching Kids Vertical Hydroponic Growing & Raised Bed Gardening at Pine Jog School in South FloridaGrowing Food in Seattle: A Front Yard Raised Bed Vegetable GardenMy organic vegetable garden + some tips for growing your own food!

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  • Michael Quintana 1 year ago

    Please put a shirt on…

  • Ripsaw Blitz 1 year ago

    Moringa…truly a miracle tree and a super food. Check out the "miracle fruit" (not the moringa tree, but amazing)

  • Sheri Martin 1 year ago

    just found your channel ….great info…..

  • Mike Christiaan 1 year ago

    Jesus made food, please turn to Him!

  • Flindo BK 1 year ago

    I live in North Port, one hour from ft myers. I start to plant fruit. I have manggo, Guava, Promagrate, papaya, lots of small plant chili, lemon grass, tapioka and plan to plant moringa and maybe dragon fuit.

  • Nix Lam 1 year ago

    Bananas grow easily here in Malaysia.

  • Nix Lam 1 year ago

    I've never grow any big trees, but I do have some chili trees, tiny oranges, orchids, cactus and some air plants.

  • Tim Huffman 1 year ago

    I'm in Lehigh Acres Florida (about 20-30 minutes away from Echo in Ft. Myers) .. I've been in the process of turning my backyard into an organic food garden. I've made about 7 raised beds so far. I have a Tommy Atkins Mango tree, a Loquat tree, a Florida Prince Peach tree, a Papaya tree, and a Grumichama tree… I still have lots of room for a few Banana trees and Moringa trees too…. I'm only on my 2nd year of gardening, so it's been an extremely excellent learning experience

  • Demian 1 year ago

    Love the videos!

  • Spill Burg 1 year ago

    I have more than 40 baby moringa trees growing in a big deep pot 2' diameter 3' deep.  Is this a bad idea?  biggest one is about 9 inches so far.
      *update* they are doing great in my big pots from homey depot.  about 1-1/2 feet tall now from seeds.

  • fritter51 1 year ago

    Check out Larry Hall on YouTube. Has great system using rain gutters and buckets and grow bags (the blue bags from Wal-Mart).

  • t dub 1 year ago

    thats my first thought, i don't know about earthbox forum, but there are plenty of videos on here showing how to do same design(and many others), its funny shes charging 17$ for PDF file and say don't print it out because its copyright. i hope shes/they shapes up their business thats open to troubles. lets see, stole other people ideal claimed it yours, steal John Video since all other videos about earthbox is actually showing how how to make one. more like rip off farm

  • t dub 1 year ago

    that grow box, how do i make it. i know theres dozen edus on here, but i want to know that certain design for the one in the video

  • TheFishGuy86 1 year ago

    i just planted my first moringa tree from benders grove here in florida and ive noticed that some of the bottom part of the six foot tree is turning yellow. why? and what should i do about it????

  • Steven Scott 1 year ago

    I started them indoors under grow lights, then set them outside for the summer. They flowered, but didn't last very long.

  • nick95playa 1 year ago

    indoor or outdoor, im in newjersey

  • NotWatching666999 1 year ago

    It makes me sad that Funkey Chicken farm is getting credit for these Earth Boxes. 🙁 She was just a member on an Earthbox forum. What she is doing is great helping more people grow in an easy way. She is really capitalizing on free knowledge but its the service of bringing it to you that you are paying for. She is even selling heirloom seeds she harvest herself, which is also great. I use to grow the Rozelle but lost it over time. Id love to get some seeds again.

  • brnruggiero 1 year ago

    Good ideas! And your a firefighter, even better!

  • MrandMissConverted 1 year ago

    @growingyourgreens Thanks for the post about moringa. Had never heard about them previously. When I wanted to order seeds, there were 2 types: moringa oleifera and moringa stenopetala. What is the difference?

  • Steven Scott 1 year ago

    I have three Moringa seedlings growing! …in Maine 🙂