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John from goes on another field trip to another subscribers place — Josh who lives in the Seattle, Washington area.. Come with John and learn more about what Josh has done in his first year of growing food for his family! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFront Yard Summer Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourExtended Front Yard Urban Vegetable Garden TourQuick Summer Front Yard Vegetable Garden TourDrummondville’s front yard vegetable gardenOrlando Couple Cited for Code Violation for Front Yard Vegetable Garden43 Front Yard Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

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  • Giovanni Navarrete 1 year ago

    Starts here about $4 ($3.99). I"m in SF. As a result I start most of my stuff from seed also.

  • Ashley Ripley 1 year ago

    I'm in Olympia and I take what I buy from the produce section at the grocery store. for one seed pod at Wal-Mart here it's $1.08. not even a start. I sow everything inside and I don't take it outside till late May early June it's too cold and the rain in early May also drowned a lot of my plants last year (my second official year of gardening).I'm a 3 person home and I started my gardening to save money. I didn't get as big of a yield last year to make a difference in our grocery bill but this year I know a little more. I've been studying your videos along with others and they are very helpful.

  • Erick & Deer the Goat 1 year ago

    omg it will be so awesome if you can help or come to earth fair rock club foundation

  • Alula Yohannas 1 year ago

    Why have irrigation? Doesn't Washington have alot of rain?

  • COW HORSE Saddlery 1 year ago

    You rock dude!!!! : )

  • LowTide Apparel 1 year ago

    Plant starts are pretty expensive here. I live in Central FL and they are always 3.00 and up no matter what it seems. I have to start most things from seed. 

  • Raw Mac 1 year ago

    I need you n Josh to come ova here n show me how to just get started let alone grow food like that in Seattle/ Renton!~ Id love to have a beautiful organic garden to juice n eat from daily ! 

  • kylverfoi 1 year ago

    growing tomatoes in western washington without a greenhouse is like getting kicked in the nuts, well for me anyways. 4" pot starts are only 1.59 here in cowlitz county wa.

  • Itz Simply Coffee 1 year ago

    in north texas starts are about 4 bucks

  • Innocent Sinners Comedy Collective 1 year ago

    I'm in Spokane and just started two separate gardens in our backyard and am hoping for a good harvest, my first one

  • Gabriel Montgomery 1 year ago

    i'm in Auburn…just southeast of Seattle. I have a very small backyard, but enough that I started a 4×8 square foot garden back in February and a few buckets of this and that.

  • Vicki K 1 year ago

    Gardening and kids = great. Video shooting and kids = annoying. 

  • Kristin Bennett 1 year ago

    I love to see kids in this one…I have three kids and feeding them/teaching them about how to grow good food is at the top of my "why I garden" list…I love to show the plants and foods to their friends when they come over too :-)

  • Kristin Bennett 1 year ago

    Oh and I very rarely get starts…I get my seeds from my plants or from Uprising Organics they are sold at PCC and City People locally…and I like to feed the slugs to the chickens ;-)

  • Kristin Bennett 1 year ago

    I'm in Seattle and planning to be getting some acreage soon…love to see this!!

  • niffer58 1 year ago

    i'm also in seattle area and i get my seeds on ebay. i try to start all the seeds. 

  • Brad Lewis 1 year ago

    With all those giant slugs he should definitely have a couple ducks hanging around.

  • mrgif1 1 year ago

    Josh had just strings hanging, how did he use that to support his plants?

  • jamesdt02 1 year ago

    @Chetallica i live in MD as well and can find market packs for $2.75 – $3.00. ( six plants ) your seeds sound good quality. where did you get them? i havn't had too much luck with them. 

  • max butler 1 year ago

    .25-1.00 or 15.00 a flat at my closest nursery