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Episode 3: Double Decked Growing

What do a double-decker bus and a cannabis garden have in common? In this unique situation, the use of vertical space to fit as much as possible into a small area.

When you’re the first legal facility in your location, finding a location can prove difficult as many businesses are apprehensive about having a marijuana grow in their area. For this reason, the selection of potential facilities is limited, so a small unit in an industrial park seems like a fair compromise.


We will be releasing all the garden tours for the first time on youtube in the coming months, stay tuned!


Amanda Mackay hosts the premiere episode of Growing Exposed, the show that takes you inside the world of marijuana growing and introduces you to some of the characters behind these gardens. Created by film producer Jeremy Deichen, this series takes a look into the once underground world of marijuana production; documenting garden tours, revealing product tips, and reviewing products and practices.

🎥 Experience a CULTIVATION CYCLE IN ACTION! Watch the bud swell, the trichomes develop, and pistils grow under a @pipphorticulture vertical cultivation system. We want to thank our partners @urbanwellnessnewmexico for their participation in putting together this amazing time-lapse video capturing the entire grow process from veg through harvest. Watch how the racks move back and forth with ease as Urban Wellness gets their cultivation ready to head to processing.


With over 400 grow room installations (and growing!) in North America, we are the industry leader in designing, implementing, and installing Mobile Vertical Grow Systems. Pipp Horticulture has a team of in-house professional engineers, CAD designers, sales support, and experienced cannabis operators to provide our partners with unparalleled support before and after our equipment installation to ensure operational success.


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Growing Exposed – Episode 3 – The Double Decker – GARDEN TOUR

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