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Get more useful tips for growing tomatoes here Tomatoes have always been a hot favorite among vegetable gardening h… Lets get some San Marzano’s Growing!! Related PostsGROWING CHERRY TOMATOES IN A POT | AgrosuedeTower Garden Cherry Tomatoes Growing Hydroponic TomatoesHydroponic Gardening – Grow Organic Plants Fast – Cherry Tomatoes / ដាំ​ប៉េងប៉ោះ​ឈើរីHow To Grow Hydropononic Tomatoes And In Pots / Polybag At Home For BeginnersCLONING CHERRY GROW TOMATOES PLANTS INDOORS CHEAPER THAN AERO GARDEN HYDROPONICVegetables grown in pots

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  • Soren Ager 3 years ago

    Hey, what app did you use to measure your light??

  • Michael Plesch 3 years ago

    Excellent ?

  • Indoor Hydroponix 3 years ago

    Thank you Brock! Looking to get a few fresh tomatoes and a few pints of
    sauce. During this michigan winter, it will be a miracle!?

  • Brock Hughes 3 years ago

    Yeah Bro it seems the bulbs are pretty much trash at the end of a year eh.
    I recycle them to the garage for my lighting 🙂 Just subbed your
    channel 🙂


  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 3 years ago

    Love the DWC Bubble buckets. My favorite. Are you only using one light for
    your room?

  • brennanbuckwheat 3 years ago

    nice! subbed 300th?