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This is a follow-up video showing the state of the platform to date. I’m keeping my eye on the final prize being production. It’s a great space-saving method I undertook bouncing off my wicking experiments. I love chatting with folks and answering questions. If you enjoy my videos, please like, comment and subscribe! You can subscribe by clicking this link and then you’ll get a notification every time I upload a video: Now, I’m on Facebook! Share your gardening thoughts and pictures! . A little about my setup. I have a hydroponic greenhouse. I grow in a system I call FAWN which is a modified hydroponic drip system. The media I grow in is aged rice hulls with parboiled rice hulls mixed. This has proven to be a great mix for me. I use Masterblend fertilizer as my nutrients to every plant grown. I’ve been pretty successful with my setup growing hydroponic tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, turnip greens, corn, potatoes, kale, carrots, beets, spinach, onions, leeks, and even okra! Everything a gardener would desire. I also dabble in other areas like growing in raised beds, growing in a ground garden, grafting, pond activities, growing fruits, and other projects on the homestead. Thank you so much for stopping in! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Sweet Potatoes VerticallyFall Garden and Hydroponic Cabbage UpdateWater Culture Beds: Broccoli HarvestGrowing Strawberries Vertically and Hydroponically. Also Commercial Farm TourGrowing BroccoliGrowing Broccoli – Vegetable Gardening

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  • RichSukh 5 months ago

    hi Brent central alberta canada here.
    what size pic elbows are those
    looks like inch and a half
    also alternative to rice hulls
    not sure I can get them here
    peace and thanks

  • 1centplus1cent 5 months ago

    LOL I'm at 1:03 and can't stop laughing. LOL After the 2nd time I thought "will there be a third?" and there sure was. 🙂 Thanks for leaving that in at the beginning. It made this video unique for me because I've never seen a video with the "bloopers" at the beginning. Now on to watch the progress…and thanks for sharing your gardening methods!

  • Jim Battaglia 5 months ago

    Fantastic looking plants. Do you think these verticals will work with lettuce and spinach as space saving techniques. Are these 2 inch elbows you are using, I would love to try this and make one as my experiment to my collection of hydroponic testing, When I do I will let you know my results. I just love your channel.

  • Jeff Sullivan 5 months ago

    Looked like the plants got smaller the further down the towers. Do you think that's a sun or nutrient issue? I know you can't wick up the towers but have you pretty much gotten away from bottom wicking on everything?

  • ☼ Heirloom reviews ☼ 5 months ago

    never heard of this before! id like to try this some time thank you for sharing my friend !!

  • Paul's Back Yard Garden 5 months ago

    Most impressive! Just seems like yesterday that you began this project.
    Shovelling snow here,

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden 5 months ago

    Ok where is the jug of shine? All those bloopers at the start but not show the jug? Burp… Once again the man has proven why he is the brains of these operations! Dang those plants are looking awesome brother! I'm sure you will figure out the bottom ones in time. I am amazed how well everything is growing in those small pipes. Can't wait to see them tore the end. Monsters I tell ya! As always my friend thanks for sharing with us!

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 5 months ago

    Looking great Brent.I really like the bloopers at the beginning. Hope you fare well with the cold front that we get this week my friend!

  • RD Kitchen Garden 5 months ago

    I love your experiments, this one looks like it is off to a flying start )

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 5 months ago

    Looks good. Brent! I'm gonna be curious of the final outcome!

  • air pruning hydroponics 5 months ago

    I also find myself lingering in the green house feeling a warm sense of accomplishment and well being. Must be the oxygen. LOL
    Great looking plants! Thanks for the update.


  • BobMels Gardens 5 months ago

    Looking good Brent. Have a great day. Best wishes Bob.

  • Sheila6325 5 months ago

    Darn everything is Gorgeous!!! This is fantastic! But…… one problem. Brussels Sprouts! They will never be able to stand up in the small tube, they are super heavy, and the stem gets Huge! I can't wait to see how everything works out, but Brussels sprouts do get thick, and I really think they need a lot more than that small tube to grow. Even the stem in the other pipe will eventually get so big it will be larger than the pipe. I pray you prove me wrong, but take a look on youtube at the Brussels sprouts in the videos. I've seen them grow, and once they get started, they get big when you least expect them to. You could put something up to hold them up I guess, but I think they would outgrow the tube first. Sure hope they grow anyway, and they end up making me all wrong. Bless, Sheila