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  • IAMGiftbearer

    Was this transplanted to water or were you considering coco coir hydroponic? Those little oranges on the plant were so cool! I don't know why your wife didn't want it in the house. It's so pretty to look at!

  • DragonflyArtz1

    Are you using hydroponic nutrients designed for veggies? Wouldn''t fruit trees require a much different set of nutrients? I would love to try this myself! But I am still in the process of researching, with next to nothing to go on. I'm wondering if there is a reason fruit trees are not popular for hydroponics…? Perhaps we just haven't gotten there yet.

  • Enrique Goitia

    hey larry, I have calamondin here in Mallorca Spain, winter is 10-15c usually, but it's in soil, I want to buy another one to try a coco coir grow with a wick system, you think it would work

  • 22justus24U

    Nay! NAY! They can grow rapidly if they are receiving good nutrition and moisture. My container grown trees can have growth spurts of three feet or more in just a couple weeks!
    The new growth will be sappy and may need support until it hardens off in a few weeks. April 1st and my citrus are profusely blooming. I have moved them into the yard from out of the greenhouse. Citrus love epsom salt. If the leaves begin yellowing from nutrients being leached out by watering, I just toss a couple tablespoons into the pot and water in. They will green up in no time.

  • mediamaker2000

    That's awesome Larry. Even if you don't get a bunch of oranges yet that tree covered in flowers looks really cool! I give this video a green orange thumbs up! 😉

  • nery colon 1

    That is some beautiful flowers. I would be so excited if my tangerine would start giving flowers. Cant wait to see to see the orange big and ready to eat. Love and Subbed. 

  • Dicofole

    Most probably you had a pollination problem for so many fruits to fall, you should hand pollinate just to increase the fruit production.

  • The Little Whitehouse

    Well Christmas is just over so maybe you can sneak it in now.  Look forward to seeing more of that.

  • SSLFamilyDad

    Very cool, we just bought one this summer and have it inside now (Michigan). Same thing happened with ours, lots of flowers and it looked like they were turning to oranges but then all fell off. Thanks for the sharing this.

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