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  • Lynette Goden 1 year ago

    Interesting video. I will try my hand at this with my newly bought Rare Chada-patch,Arabicum-mixand rare golden-crown seeds. I hope I have the same success. Thanks for the video. I hope you have some more detail videos showing begining to end this process.

  • Alphamale 1 year ago

    i already have a lot adeium lol i hope can be as good as one of these

  • Malestrom22 1 year ago

    You folks are sending my Adenium experience into the next level
    I expect great success grafting this year and will try hydroponics as well as areoponics with them
    I currently have about 1000 seeds to start
    Thank you so much!!!

  • Hemant Joshi 1 year ago

    its too good .. can u add some more details to produce good bunch of roots