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Early Summer Garden 2014 !! Thought I would show how quickly most of my Garden is growing early this summer !! I am not one for cameras & I ended up saying (Umm) a lot lol.. Stay Tuned for updates & Tips As I Go !! Thanks !! DEv Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing a Vegetable Garden Update Tips & Tricks June 30 2014Growing vegetable garden! Beginner gardening for kids.Growing Vegetables at Home with Automatic Watering, Vertical Vegetable Garden IdeasHuge Growing Success Bangladeshi Vegetable Garden In UK / Shokher Bagan 2020/ইউকেতে শখের সবজি বাগানGrow Color in you Vegetable Garden – Growing Zinnia and Marigold10 Tips to Maximise Food Production in a Small Vegetable Garden | Small Scale Veg Growing #1

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  • Greg Danaj 5 years ago

    get a fake owl in your back yard that will keep the rabbits and birds out.?

  • grandma lynda 5 years ago

    Don't have a long enough season here in the north to get lots of tomatoes to ripen. Hope this year will be better. Beets didn't do anything at all last year. Going to try with lots of wood chips and raised beds this year.
    Just glad we don't have to live on what comes out of my garden but being outside is great.?

  • john banks 5 years ago

    J/K lol?

  • john banks 5 years ago

    you,should ,not even say anythng…They,think we not think.they think,we react,and here you are,BlahBlahBalhhhhhh..?

  • violeman 5 years ago .. Yeah My Grand Parents & I Always did that every year when we had problems with Crows or other Birds that loved our Beans !!!!
    Thanks for The Post !!!
    It really means a lot too me !!!

  • violeman 5 years ago

    An Update !!!!
    I ended up getting around 300 pounds of Potatoes, 450 pounds of beets !!!
    3 Garbage bags of beans !!
    Lost all of my Tomatoes except for 15 out of 200 or so tomatoes 🙁
    They contracted Blight .. 🙁

  • violeman 5 years ago

    lee25f !!!
    Exactly !!! That was one of the reasons why I put those metal bars up so I could hang deterrents like Pie pans !!!
    We had a big problem with the Cows eating stuff too so that is why I used big bars, & then I ran string so it looked like their electric fence lol !!!
    The Garden was awesome !! had lots of preservatives this year !!
    Thanks 4 the tip & the reply !!!

  • lee25f 5 years ago

    Use foil tin plates hanging on a string and post to scare birds?

  • Jon Faulknor 5 years ago

    Looks like your garden could use some mulch and compost?

  • welcometodajacquie 5 years ago

    nice looking garden!

  • violeman 5 years ago