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When you grow in a cool season garden there are certain techniques you will need no matter what growing zone you grow in. In this latest episode learn the technique to watering a cool season garden, our farm’s favorite varieties of cool weather greens and how to position your garden beds for best protection. Join the High Performance Garden Community at: Start your leafy greens container garden: Begin your highly productive and organic high performance garden: Related PostsVegetable Garden Tour Mid August: A Vacation Watering Tip, Cucumber Seed Saving, Cool Season CropsGET GROWING – Here are some cool tools you need in the gardenGrowing Season For Tomatoes – Grow Tomatoes In Winter?Late September Garden Tour and Harvest: A Look at My Cool Weather Crops!WInter Greenhouse – Preparing for the Winter Growing SeasonVegetables that Thrive in Container Gardens During the Summer Growing Season

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  • Denise Stone 11 months ago

    Can not hear the video.

  • Martha Conover 11 months ago

    I thought cinder blocks were toxic in regards to the fly ash/ heavy metals they contain? Many sites warn about their use w/ edibles. Gorgeous raised beds…but just wondering if this a concern of yours?  Thought about using them, but got scared off by too much research. Thanks

  • Cw Pemberton 11 months ago


  • boobtuber06 11 months ago

    Very good, do you ever harvest anything in the middle of winter???

  • Nicholas Moore 11 months ago

    so informative! Thank you for the video