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Groweat™ makes eating healthy fun . from seed to plate, Groweat’s Eetucation™ program and products are intended for children aged 4-11 years, as a fun activity to be enjoyed with siblings and parents. Groweat products are ideal for use in the urban environment, in back yards, in window boxes and in indoor planters. Related PostsSylvanian Families Calico Critters Kangaroo Family Vegetable Garden Set Silly Play – Kids ToysREALIST NEWS – Family Raided For Growing Vegetables IndoorsTomatoes Growing Tips with Organic Soil in Vegetable GardenFunny Kids in the garden Finger Family Song for Children Learn Colors with Baby Nursery Rhymes SongsThe Edible Academy Family Garden PicnicGrowing Food in South Florida – Vegetable Garden in Grow Boxes and Moringa Trees

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