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Growing your own fruit, veg and herbs is great fun but you don’t need a big garden or big allotment to do it, there are a wide range of grow your own planters available so everyone can do it, have a look at this one, a table planter – the great thing about this is that it’s at a fantastic height so if you’ve got reduced mobility you can work at it quite happily with a nice cup of tea or coffee on there is good. The legs as well are good because they can keep slugs and snails away from your lovely crops up here, good depth as well, have a look at that, you can get some radish in there, some carrots what ever you want, a lettuce would grow beautifully in there. If you’ve got a corner in your garden, and most people have these grow your own planters and raised beds are perfect, this one is tiered, have a look at this, you’ve got quite a large tier at the back and that has got a lot of depth so you could grown some long carrots, even parsnips in there I can imagine strawberries floating down here again radishes in there would be perfect, great depth so its going to keep the water in there and your crops are going to be really healthy. A traditional feel would be a raised bed, something like this, it’s wonderful its got a good height, as you can see here that will keep the soil nice and warm and make sure it doesn’t get water logged, what I like about this, and in fact everything in the range is that it’s pressure treated, now that means you’ve got a 15 year guarantee against rot and that’s vital when you’re […]

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