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  • Forage Forage

    I've done a couple of Grow Tower projects, and found that the manifold method does work best to get fluids to the plants all the way down the pipe The trick is creating just the right manifold.

  • DoDa do

    Great video.
    Here a thought, let the water/droplets drop up high down the middle. Then the water would be hitting something small (a disk-like) in the center causing the droplets splatter around the inside. Hopefully, this will give an even distribution of water and no clogging.

  • Michael Richards

    Hi, I really like how neat the holes are especially with the inward curved lip. Can you say or do you have a video on how the holes and curved lip were made?
    Thanks in advance.

  • bathtub greenhouse aquaponics

    Grow towers look great, I have a little bit of trouble with a couple of my pipes blocking up occasionally, I have a six inch steal pin I can push up and unblock the pipe. Great channel. Cheers.

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