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This is a video of me, Tasselfoot, beating the grow series video game Grow Tower. 5 different items implies 120 possible solutions … only this one is the “appropriate” one. You may want to mess around with some of the inaccurate ones, as they can be satisfying too. Play Grow Tower, an addicting technique video game, in which you need to construct a giant tower. Make use of the given products in the right order to make your construction as high as possible. Much fun. Ways to play -grow-: You click the panel and makes things in field grow. You would finish the video game when all panels’ level would end up being Lv.MAX. When they are growing, you have to believe about the order given that there are deep relations with each panel.   Game: Music: Harry Potter Techno Remix by cornandbeans. Related PostsGrow Tower WalkthroughGROW Tower – WalkthroughGrow Tower WalkthroughWalkthrough Grow Tower Lv.MAX HDEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodGrow Castle GUIDE: secrets and tips ♣ online ‘tower defence’ game for Android

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