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Looks pretty good Join chat: Donate if you want : Stream: Instagram: Music by: and Related PostsGrow tower. This game is crazy.Have YOU Played this game?!?! | Grow Castle!Grow Castle GUIDE: secrets and tips ♣ online ‘tower defence’ game for AndroidGrow Tower Walkthrough – game by Eyemaze.comEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodBelieve It Or Not, This Tower Can Grow Tons Of Strawberries At Home

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  • i quit grow castle since it can't earn money with closing app, which made me want to keep opening it. hope grow tower wont update that way

  • igor ba 9 months ago

    NIK JUST TO TELL YOU THIS GAME GOSE FROME 0 TO 11 REALY FAST!!!!! IT-GETS-HAAAARD FAST!! and trust me when i tell you ads are your best friend in that game

  • Ghastly 56 9 months ago

    A competition i smell? xD I'll try it

  • igor ba 9 months ago

    Obvusly its geting a loot popular cuz of grow castle it slef but lets hope it those not have $### updates 🙂

  • Toshy Skyican 9 months ago

    I think i like this game… After trying it i'm stage 120. And i can't wait for the new update with the new heroes. Thank you so much without you i can't tell if i would played This game. Keep going 😉

  • Oncom 7 9 months ago

    im stuck at wave 36, someone help meeee

  • Speed Runner 9 months ago

    i Like this game more than just need more updates

  • Kristian Plat 9 months ago

    This looks funny PHUHUHUHUHU

  • Miyeto 9 months ago

    you can try grow empire

  • YOTE Chance 9 months ago

    Why not^^ i will try this game too 😉

  • Isa_ias San_chez 9 months ago


  • Орешек Дотер 9 months ago

    It's a fucking copy of grow castle with bad animations

  • Adel Mohamed 9 months ago

    Is it better than grow castle?