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THIS IS A MINI GROW TOWER YOU CAN PLACE INDOORS. IN THIS VIDEO I SHOW HOW TO MAKE IT. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Mini Grow Tower for indoors Part 2Easy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHow To Set Up vertical Garden Tower part 1 Grow your own vegetables HypnoticaHow to build a Hydroponic Raining Vertical grow tower Part 2Grow towers part 1, update.How to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 2

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  • Ponics Haven 1 year ago

    brought it at lowes

  • Chen Qian 1 year ago

    can you tell me where I can buy the Pipe Mount?

  • Calvin King 1 year ago

    you are right, I do like the mini grow tower. One question what are you using to pump the water to the top of the tower? How is it being wired?

  • Calvin King 1 year ago

    I like to see a man of wisdom at work. A wise man know not only the what, he knows the how. I would have never thought of sanding the way you did to get the proper shape. Thanks for that bit of wisdom. By the way ignore the naw sayers. Your videos and the work is well done.

  • John James Brown 1 year ago

    Perfect step by step, thanks

  • ‫مطلق الجويسري‬‎ 1 year ago

    nic jop thanks