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Improving the Aquaponics Grow Tower, and its filtration system—also how to transplant a mature plant without using the net pots. Remedies to the problems that were observed! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLEVEL 1000 TOWER MINIGUN! | Grow CastleHydroponic Grow Tower Build Part 1 of 2Hydroponic Grow Tower Part 2 of 3Grow Tower #2 Я СТАНОВЛЮСЬ СИЛЬНЕЕ 😂Pt.2/10 How to Build a Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower System and 11lb Chocolate Bar to the Rescue: )How to grow tomatoes on a Tower Garden

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  • TrojanKnuckle97 4 years ago

    y lady gaga -__-

  • superhobbes97 4 years ago

    first comment 🙂

  • Sheldon B 4 years ago

    I have built something similar and I used autopot piping so it has an in line filter which is easily cleaned. Your other option is to supply your piping from your sump which would have cleaner water so fewer blockages.

  • John Sullivan 4 years ago

    Hello Mr Porta, I noticed that you still have a raft bed in your system. I am designing my first set up and don't think I have room in my greenhouse for both raft AND grow towers. which do you recommend if it is an either/or situation?

  • Heri Ananta 4 years ago

    Really appreciate it Don!!

  • Δημήτρης Σεβαστάκης 4 years ago

    Aside for the very useful and inspiring info of your vifeos i want to express my admiration to the serene and very understandable presentation of your 'patents' making it easily comprehensive to people english isn't native; a standing salute to a guy with a great portion of Ulesses in his veins!

  • Doc Bartley 4 years ago

    I started using pool noodles too about 4 months ago on a whim… I will never buy another net pot… soooo much easier and cheaper… thanks for the vids, learning a lot of very good info. keep it up.

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 4 years ago

    Is that white-fly that I see on the strawberries? How are you controlling them if it is?

  • Alberto Delacruz 4 years ago

    Hey donald what water pump do you use to push the water to all of the towers?

  • Mitch ismyname 4 years ago

    Love your videos!

  • Paco Morales 4 years ago

    Hi Donald, Why you put holes in one side of the tubes? why you didn't use the other side too? Thanks

  • Robert Madden 4 years ago

    Thank you Donald 

  • Aaron Webb 4 years ago

    Hey there sir, I'm new to this and am in my "study up" phase before I jump in and start.  I was curious how you add nutrients to the water in such a large setup.  Is all the nutrients taken care from your pond?  Thanks a bunch!

  • Hee-Sun Han 4 years ago

    Hello Donald, thank you for sharing the videos. They are very helpful. I just wanted to know the reason you have stuffed the towers with what appears to be hay/straw. Is it to filter the fish waste solids? Is it necessary even if I am doing hydroponics only without fish involved? I thank you for your time!

  • chandra0102 4 years ago

    Excellent project; I am tempted to do the same to grow strawberries.  A couple of questions:  Is there another medium in place of straw that would be just as effective.  Also, what nutrients do you use and in what ppm strength, and lastly what PH level is best for strawberries?  Thanks

  • waleed almunayes 4 years ago

    good job

  • John Wichmann 4 years ago

    So are you saying that the hose (that enters the top of the tower) gets clogged without a "sprinkler head" on it?  You then mounted it exterior so you could monitor it.  This is all with filtering?  I am confused.  How is it getting clogged?

  • LawnCarePrepper 4 years ago

    Did you have any problems with the towers leaking and dripping out?

  • V Hudgins 4 years ago

    I have learned so much from your videos!  You have great ideas!  Thank you so much!  Please keep them coming!!!

  • Buddy Jennette 4 years ago