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Aquaponics grow tower build, Instructional video!—inexpensive and simple techniques—with tips on tool handling, jigs and fixtures. Cut thousands $ off your aquaponics build! Related PostsHydroponic Grow Tower Build Part 1 of 2Pt.2/10 How to Build a Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower System and 11lb Chocolate Bar to the Rescue: )Pt.6/10 How to Build a Hydroponic Grow Tower System: Almost Finished: )Pt.3 How to Build Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower SystemGro Pocket system How to build a Grow Tower from Pocket Pockets.Gro Pocket system How to build a Grow Tower from Pocket Pockets.

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  • RSR Rodriguez 4 years ago

    what gph are the drip system you are using

  • Fred Stockberger 4 years ago

    Very helpful information, thank you for taking time for making a great video and sharing your knowledge!!

  • Michael Tilson 4 years ago

    I'm surprised this video doesn't have more views. It is really very good. Thank you for putting it together.

  • laithnour 4 years ago

    how can there be 10 dislikes?

  • Barry Post 4 years ago

    wow you have some great ideas . the cotten rope is a great idea as is your use of jigs. I do have a question . I noticed that you only have one row of slots . could you not put 2 or 4 in the same pipe ? staggering them of course. or is a 3 inch pipe to small for that.

  • Moonchild of Orcamoon 4 years ago

    you could sell those tapperd things, if I were local id buy them, shout out from Australia

  • Kntryhart 4 years ago

    I started my first Grow Tower this afternoon. Holy-Moly! Extremely time consuming to form each hole! And…if the plastic gets too hot it starts to scorch; too little heat and it likes to tear. Definitely a learning curve! I found that drilling holes at the end of the crosscut slots helps lessen tears.

  • goltoof 4 years ago

    Excellent design. This solves a lot of problems I've run into building these towers. What grow media do you find works best in towers? How well do plants grow with/without media?

  • sonofthunder 333 4 years ago

    tooooo much time

  • Brian Young 4 years ago

    Hello Don, this is a great video. Will you please consider selling me 4 of the round wedges. Thanks

  • Hoa Quan 4 years ago

    Thank you! The best instructional video I have watched on this so far.

  • Chique Chiing 4 years ago

    do u think a wooden door stopper would work for the wedge ?

  • Joe Williamson 4 years ago

    I've never heard it called a chop saw before…

  • Dubb Woolsey Jr. 4 years ago

    You have some great ideas for jigs and tools. Thanks you have given me some great ideas. I some times use a short piece of heat shrink tubing to keep the ends of line from fraying. It doesn't get sticky like tape.Thanks again.

  • Zamri Mohd 4 years ago

    Thank you very much that your imformition

  • Brant T 4 years ago

    do you have to put some kind of medium in the pipe itself?

  • Bevan Dittberner 4 years ago

    great vid Don -was the wicking cord successful-would be so much less maintenance than spray tip nozzle

  • Angela Velez Solic 4 years ago

    This was so helpful. Thank you so much!

  • shadfurman 4 years ago

    Is PVC food safe?

  • Rick Myers 4 years ago

    You say thin wall PVC. is it schedule 40 or even thinner? looking to do this to add to my setup. Thanx