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What does it take to start seedlings indoors? What are the things you need to consider? Those are the things we are going to cover in this video. We will go over how to setup a grow tent for gardening indoors, talk about the cell flats for our seeds, touch on the grow light setup we are using and a few other tips you should keep in mind when setting up your indoor grow tent. Here are the items used for our Indoor Grow Tent System: …Gorilla Lite Line Grow Tent 2ft x 4ft …Ferry Morse Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse 50 …Kind LED K5 XL750 Grow Light …Espoma Organic Seed Starter Mix Like us on Facebook… Follow us on Twitter… Tweets by mypestcontrol and Pinterest… Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Grow Lights – Indoor Gardening Tips | DoMyOwn.comBest Indoor Grow Tent Kits – How To Setup Your Indoor Home GardenGorilla Grow Tent Review: Indoor Gardening Expo 2013Do’s and Dont’s of Seedling Care – Indoor Gardening Tips | DoMyOwn.comGC101: $200 Basic Grow Tent Setup & Indoor Grow TutorialUpdate on the indoor gardening grow tent – Pepper plants

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  • thatsnogood 10 months ago

    The rare sans-sunglasses video.

  • Simple Steve 10 months ago

    I want a grow tent!

  • Scott K 10 months ago

    I’m jelly mine is still dormant

  • Scott K 10 months ago


  • Chris Flaherty 10 months ago

    I have a very important question. Up in the north I am eagerly awaiting to apply the chemicals. I have received my order from domyown and we got plenty! I was wondering if I could apply my granular pre-emergent, some milorganite, and some seed all within a week period. Then could a wait another week and start spraying my liquid apps like herbs? This may seem a little overkill but I want to dominate. If anyone else has any opinion, I would like some input. Thanks!

  • Chris Flaherty 10 months ago


  • mystery DC 10 months ago

    I have never used a heating mat and my seeds always come up