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This is the Perpetual Harvest Multi Chamber grow tent kit by Fullbloom Hydroponics. This is a fully packaged kit, coming with literally everything needed to grow – except your plants. Growing multiple cycles of plants at once allows for you to cut the time of harvest in half (or more). By the time the flowering plants are ready for harvest, another set of foot tall plants will be ready to transfer into the flowering chamber allowing for non stop harvesting! This cuts out the need for buying a vegetative and clone box or tent kit in addition to your flowering kit. BUY IT NOW IN THE TWO SIZES BELOW! 4×5 Kit: 4×9 Kit: Video Rating: / 5 Divinekinship eliminating food deserts. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics | Grow Tent Review | 8′ Hydroponics Grow Tent & Grow Room TutorialProfessional Grow Room Tent Kit – Fully AutomatedNFT Hydroponics Basil Perpetual Grow Guide#25 – How to setup a hydroponic Grow Tent, don’t make beginners mistakes, as seen on TV#10 – How to build a hydroponic grow box or grow tent system no expense sparedSensi Dispensary Complete Grow Tent Kit – Fullbloom Hydroponics

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  • Eduardo Gonzales 1 year ago

    Does it come with buckets also? and with how many? or do you have to order them apart ?

  • Bao Luo 1 year ago

    The new Liberal Government in Canada will allow me to grow my own medicine. The product in this video would be excellent for me, and for those who I will be compassionately donating to.

  • Bao Luo 1 year ago


  • Logan Herzog 1 year ago

    Damn this thing looks cool! And there I am in the video, I'm famous!

  • Hoss Katt 1 year ago

    How are you going from smart pots in a soil like medium to hydroton in a dwc?!

  • Cody Coleman 1 year ago

    Yeah I really really want this tent kit bad!!!!!!