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Shown with Ebb-n-Flow Table & Super Bubble Flow Buckets. Take the guesswork out of growing and grow like a professional in your Fully Automated. SuperRooms are professionally designed fully automated grow rooms that come complete with everything you need for a smooth and easy growing experience. The 4×8 SuperRoom come standard with: • The very best and thickest grow tent available • Properly air-cooled lights with yo-yo’s on all rooms • Timers for complete automation • Two 400w HPS Air-Cooled Dimmable SuperCoolTube Light with Fan • Digital readout Temperature/Hydrometer • 6″ Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan • Adjustable net trellis to maximize yields by tying and supporting your plants • Electrical GFCI adapter for maximum growing safety • Instructional DVD with set-up instructions and Grow Tips • 3 year warranty on all internal parts • 50 Two Gallon Soil Pots From here you can choose to upgrade your SuperRoom with one of the following Grow Systems: 5 – 4 Sixteen Plant SuperPonics includes: Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Package PH Kit TDS Meter 5 – 3×3 Econo 2 Tray Ebb-n-Flow System (with 50 one gallon buckets) includes: Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Package PH Kit TDS Meter 5 – 12 Super BubbleFlow Buckets includes: Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Package PH Kit TDS Meter Further upgrades include: 8 – Two 600w HPS Light 8 – 2 Magnum XXXL 6 inch Air Cooled Reflecton (Up to 33% Better Light Distribution = BIGGER & Better Yields) 9 – CO2 Regulator (does not include tank) Build Your OWN SuperRoom, then Plug in & Grow! You get everything you need to set up and start growing today! Related PostsIndoor gardening for beginners / Easy DIY Hydroponics / Easy hydroponic grow tentHydroponic Grow System – Expert Setup – Hydroponics on TVIndoor Micro 64oz Grow Box Tent […]

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  • Surf Nyc 4 years ago

    what was your final yield?

  • 212Warriors 4 years ago

    Nice set up!

  • Jack Frost 4 years ago

    Bet u could grow some pretty dank tomatoes in there =D

  • Rider of the Clouds 4 years ago

    How many pounds of tomatoes will that yield? How long did you veg for? What strain are those. I'm setting up a tomato grow right away!!

  • sleepdeprivation78 4 years ago

    Thumbs up if you were expecting another kind of plant in this video!

  • TheOnlyDreamCube 4 years ago

    that looks sickkk i wanna setup like that xD

  • MikeMosiv2010 4 years ago

    that could be put to alot better use but i understand everyone doesnt consume thc