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This video by Emmy-winning photographer Jess Craven tells a story about a public elementary school garden that has grown from 3 raised beds to nearly a quarter acre edible schoolyard and learning lab in the heart of campus. Kihei Elementary School garden – located in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii – serves as a palate for more than 1,000 students to grow, harvest and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables as part of their curriculum. Local chefs also support the garden through fundraisers, recipe workshops and harvest parties. The story shows how kids get excited about eating fresh fruits and vegetables when they have a personal relationship with it. Kihei Elementary School garden is an ongoing project of Grow Some Good – now serving 7 schools 2,500+ students in South and Central Maui. For more information, visit Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBerry Good Farms at N FL School of Special Education ROCKS!Good Project For Kids Is Gardening How To Do Which Are Best Plants To Grow Children Gardening TipsGood Dirt: Children and Youth Perspectives on Community and School GardeningBambi uses restroom at Maui Lowes storeSchool gardens grow health in Austin, TexasSchool Gardens Grow Healthy

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