Added by on 2016-11-11 Stealth hydroponic grow systems and rooms made by SuperCloset. Supercloset makes the #1 rated complete automated grow rooms to so you grow like a professional. Our Verticalponics Vertical Grow Rooms grow up to 2-5X more than ANY traditional horizontal light grow room by turning four Grow Rooms into one. Verticalponics is defined as a combination of Superponics and growing your plants vertically. Your plants form 4 thick dense walls around the light with exceptionally equal quality from top to the very bottom of your plants. Your Super Grow Room is Fully Automated, All of our grow rooms come complete with Everything (TDS meter, PH kit, Nutrients, DVD, etc.) and includes a FREE 3 Year Warranty on Everything and lifetime customer service. We guarantee you will double to quadruple any traditional grow room, in faster time as well with Superponics. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrow Room Stealth Hydroponic Grow SystemsHydroponic Growing Room | Stealth Grow KitVertical Hydroponic System & Grow Room Kit Setup Part 1Hydro Halo Halo’s – Grow Room Drip System Setup Best Easiest Drip Systems for Indoor GardensPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsVertical Grow Room Hydroponic Grow System Big Buddha Box Grow Room SuperCloset

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  • cp gall 1 year ago

    my church should get one. ;D;D;D

  • MrD8harrisd 1 year ago

    Does this grow poppies???

  • Zaper692 1 year ago

    Yeah, tomatoes, thats what I am gonna grow in there….

  • kidwidacake 1 year ago

    yeah it goes with my water pipe that i use for tobacco lolz

  • CaptainCanada780 1 year ago

    I'de rather grow weed

  • SuperCloset Hydro 1 year ago

    We ship worldwide my friend! Feel free to check out our deals on prices and add ons on our website. All boxes, rooms, and cabinets come fully assembled ready to grow in 90 min. Happy Growing!

  • Son Junsay 1 year ago


  • iiMiDNiGHTz 1 year ago

    yer tomatoes…. 

  • willpower189 1 year ago

    Tomatoes? lol!

  • Oscar Huxley 1 year ago

    ha i thought when you opened it up that there would be marijuana inside, looks like a great product though


  • Anton Yong 1 year ago

    haha tomatoes!

  • Cheerios11992 1 year ago

    Awwwww…. Tamatoes!

  • Mike Rodriguez 1 year ago

    jajajja plantaria todo menos tomatoes