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  • martysgarden 1 month ago

    Nice to see you in the basement garden Misilla, you look so healthy and happy.
    Good luck to the entrants for worm castings!
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware (Australia)

  • I am so happy I've come across your channel. I personally have never been able to grow or keep any poor plant alive, but seeing your videos have inspired me to try again.
    Currently, I'm using your toilet paper roll method. I've planted basil, sage, rosemary, oregano and bell peppers from the seeds two days ago. I've placed them all in a container and under a grow light. I do have a question so that i am succesful in growing these beauties indoors for now and Im hoping you could help me with.
    How long many hours do I keep it under a grow light? And when watering do I just spray them a few times just to miosten the top soil?
    I so greatly appreciate your help or anyone who follows this channel. Thank you for your help and i cant wait to learn more.
    -Happy growing

  • Jackie Horsley 1 month ago

    Your plants are looking really nice thanks for showing them off I really enjoyed

  • Terri W 1 month ago

    Can you please do a video about how you're caring for your Meyer lemon tree? Mine keeps dropping leaves.

  • nidhi zala 1 month ago

    Hi will u please grow or guide asian vegetable plants ( luffah, bottle guard ) this year? What is the good time to plant the seeds? I live in bothell

  • Wran Ther 1 month ago

    Happy 2019 Growing Season Misilla! You have some very nice starts and plants in your grow room. Have a couple lisptick plants here too currently in a growth stage perhaps sensing a change in the sun's cycle already. Trimming way back most of last years plants such a basil, oregano etc. Resetting a light panel. Trying to decide which varieties of super hot peppers to try this year in addition to Bell and Chili. -Bob…

  • Elizabeth Myers 1 month ago

    I'm in Lynnwood. This winter has been much warmer than last so far. I even have crocus bulbs coming up. I would love to see videos on what you direct sow outside and when. Do you put black plastic down or do anything to try and dry out and warm up the soil? Also a video on when you move your indoor starts to the garden would be great too. This is my first season vegetable gardening in this area. Love your channel. Thanks!

  • R Nicole 1 month ago

    I live is the Pacific Northwest in Olympia.. When do you start planting outside?

  • Sam H 1 month ago

    Love that Meyer lemon tree