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Big Buddha grow box hydroponic grow room by SuperCloset. Big Buddha works best with vertical growing!

Verticalponics is the technological term that fuses vertical growing systems and Superponics. You will Double to Quadruple any yields per watt, per square foot, than ANY traditional growing method. Verticalponics vertical grow systems turn 4 grow rooms all into 1 by growing into four thick vertical growing walls instead of one single floor.

For example, you turn a 8 x 8 area (64 sq. ft.) of growing space into four filled vertical grow walls that total nearly 120 sq. ft. of total growing area. You Double your growing square footage AND grow your plantsup to 5x faster with fully automated Superponics technology. Everyone is switching over to Verticalponics vertical grow rooms as it is the absolute best way to grow Bigger and Better yields per square foot, per square watt.
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CGS is a hydroponic growing system, housed inside a 40’ insulated shipping container and includes everything needed to grow fresh produce, giving our customers the flexibility of location. Our system can be placed anywhere with power and potable water, providing you with easy access to the harvest. The CGS is Arctic ready and optimized for high yield, year round production. Produce is grown on-site, virtually eliminating the expensive and lengthy supply chain.

Notes: Photo Credits: Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development; Division of Community and Regional Affairs’ Community Photo Library.
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