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The Wonderful Grow Wall
Time to move the wall. We are replanting Pak Choy. Lots of helpful tips if you plan on using one of these. Growing hundreds of plants in 4 sq. ft. The easiest way to start your urban garden. This system is off grid and non circulating. The cheapest way to grow leafy greens for people that do not have the time for a traditional garden.

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Grow Plants at Home / Updates and Tips / DIY Hydroponics

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  • Liam Duncan

    Can not move on as Polish Builders do not work to My requirements waiting for Back fence and side wall to be completed. My Roots are good from Seeds now on Kraky glass jars wrapped in black Parcel wrapping.

  • bill Weirdo

    New subscriber here, love the chill attitude and clear info. i actually like that you repeat yourself in different ways. im a disabled veteran who suffers from an brain injury. my memory and retention is not the same as it once was , so this helps info sink in for me. we live in a zone 4 for growing so we are definitely gonna have unique challenges. i do have some concerns. we are a family in process of becoming self sufficient/ homesteading. got a nice 10 acres in the middle of no where. we have chickens and made nice raised beds for gardens. but our grow season is very short, i have a giant heated workshop i could use for hydroponics in the winter.
    1. those pool noodles… could there be any leeching or anything from useing those as collars? i pay special attention to leeching from materials such as treated wood because the plants will absorb nasty stuff.
    2. vinyl gutter, same concern with leeching. i use to work in a bakery and the gloves we used were vinyl and my skin broke out constantly on my hands. come to figure out that vinyl is toxic and im sensitive to it. does this not concern you for plants?
    3.miracle grow- could you suggest a more organic approach? the brand is the problem for me here. i go out of my way to buy nothing that has miracle grow brand or is made by the same brand yes that includes the organic line of miracle grow.

    suggestion- where you use that wick reel to tie off the gutter….. heres a reusable suggestion that is fairly cheap idk if it would be more then that reel but it is reusable. 2 different reusables… 1. exhaust clamps, or 2. simple hose clamps. hose clamps would rust after a few years but those exhaust clamps will last a very very long time. first sighn of rust clean it and pop it back on. could last over 20 years if you dont let them rust..

    great videos i will likely watch your entire library of vids. good job and keep it up

  • Tami Ziglar

    We live in South Alabama, Zone 8b. We've grown leafy greens hydroponically before using Masterblend, etc. But we haven't tried it in 90+ heat. I really like your "downspout ladder" how do you combat the heat to keep your plants from wilting? Could you use attach pvc to the top & then attach shade cloth to that? Does your water get "hot"?

  • Steven Springer

    It's always inspiring to watch your work. As an alternate idea to your wicks, I use Velcro strips for stability, you can always unpeel and reuse and they hold up well.

  • Wran Ther

    That is a very simple system Mike. Next to master the bug control issues? Guessing it is time for me to find some small place down south where the weather is warmer. -Bob…

  • Ivy E.

    Amazing idea! Thank you for sharing it! You've just solved my garden space problem with this vertical gardening hydroponics idea of yours. Thank you so much!

  • martysgarden

    The wall is pretty cool,,,,sounds like it's getting hot there and will be for a while yet. At 4;16 minutes did I see some seedling Avo trees in the garden?
    All the best from Australia
    Marty Ware

  • Paul Perrin

    I am trying out your method here in the UK – our 'downspouts' are pretty small compared to what you have available, so have fewer holes/plants per foot than you (so the plant/nutrient ratio is still OK). The pest problem here is slugs/snails – but I found some 'tacky back copper tape' so put a strip along the front and back face of each spouts, a then a loop over at each end, so the whole growing are is surrounded…

    I think our 'pool noodles' maybe denser too – a bit of wind and the seedlings just folded over crimping/crushing the stems… So I cut up (softer) wash sponges to remake the centre plugs for the middle of the noodle which seems to work… Although some birds thought the bright yellow sponge looked interesting so started pecking it out and pulling out all the seedlings… so I had to put a chicken wire cage over the top of each spout.

    I have also setup some shelves in the kitchen with led lights to do microgreens in doors/all year round — I'll be seeing about using the bottom shelves with downspouts under lights (need to sort out out the leaks at the ends!) – then pests won't be a problem at all…

    Love your stuff – thanks!

  • Vilson Boone

    I love ur system and going on to start here in West Canada, can I use 2×3" downspout? (the only size available here) thanks

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