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John from goes on a field trip to the Bee Fest: A Celebration of Pollination in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Wasatch Community Gardens’ Green Team Farm. In this episode, John will share with you practices you can do to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects into your garden. You will discover the top way to encourage beneficial pollinators and other insects in your garden by not spraying toxic pesticides and even organic ones. You will learn how honey bees are not the best pollinators in your garden although they are given much of the credit. You will discover more about native bees that are even more important for pollination than honey bees. You will learn some ways you can attract native bees to your property. You will learn how to make a simple mason bee hive to attract solitary mason bees to your property that will assist you in pollinating your plants. You will discover how other insects can be beneficial for pollination. You will learn the male and female anatomy of flowers so you can pollinate them yourself without pollinators. You will learn about an app called iNaturalist that will help you identify insects and plants in your garden so you can know if they are good or bad. You will discover about jumping spiders and how they can help you in your garden. You will learn how one man taught a jumping spider to give him a high-five and wants people to have a connection with other species on the planet. Finally, you will learn about some of the best pollinator plants you can plant to encourage beneficial pollinator insects to your garden so you can get higher levels of pollination and grow more fruiting crops. Jump to the following parts of this episode: 02:50 […]

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  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens 11 months ago

    Jump to the following parts of this episode:
    02:50 Help Support me and buy a GYG tee shirt
    03:27 Tour of Bee Festival Starts
    04:19 Don't Spray Pesticides to help the pollinators
    06:52 Honeybees pollinate 30% of Crops and How much Honey a single bee produces
    09:01 $15 Swarm Trap that works great
    11:10 Honeybees in Monoculture
    11:59 Native Bees that do the majority of the pollination
    16:32 How to Make a Mason Bee Hive and Native Bee Homes in the Dirt
    18:53 Insects can help your pollination
    20:12 Reproduction Parts of Flowers
    21:16 iNaturalist – App for Android or iPhone Insect and Plant Identifier
    22:28 Jumping Spiders – Learn about these intelligent spiders that eat bad bugs and can see the stars
    25:44 Plant-Pollinator Plants – Learn about some pollinator plants you can grow that will attract pollinators and are also edible.
    31:34 Summary / How you can help pollinators and other beneficial insects

  • VeganCertitude 11 months ago

    So stoked to see the Earthlings shout out at the end and to hear you bring up speciesism. Loved this video and would love to see more about insects, birds and other garden visitors.

  • Stacey T 11 months ago

    Another great video

  • ian wilkinson 11 months ago

    how to find the earthling ?

  • Mr. Black Culture 11 months ago

    Nature in Nature

  • Kijiji2017 Porter 11 months ago

    Hi great video, check out flow hives. They have a very cool bee hive, it takes a lot of the work out of making honey.

  • Chris Hansen 11 months ago

    where to buy the makeshift hive with swarm commander?

  • Chris Hansen 11 months ago

    T-shirts on sale yet?Bzzt i love bees!

  • Margaret Menefee 11 months ago

    Dang I had a spider in my container garden on the patio and I killed it.

  • void-citizen 11 months ago

    Hopefully some of this helps my predicament. For some reason, no bees in my garden this year and it's drivin me mad.

  • void-citizen 11 months ago

    Phiddipus audax are the bomb. Can't believe u didn't mention how cool their iridescent fangs look.

  • Julie Brendmoen-Crow 11 months ago

    This is really interesting 🙂 We have quite a few large trees, that flower, and we saw 3 kinds of bees this year (not including the wasps lol). I've been trying to get clippings, and start some trees in pots, so we can encourage them to hang out closer to our garden heh heh.

  • ChaRAWmane 11 months ago

    I love this video. Bees are so important. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mara Piccone 11 months ago

    Again, can you please turn on closed captioned for deaf gardeners? Did you know you can gain up to at least 500 subscribers if you turn on closed captioning on your videos? Look it up!

  • ywuzi barajas 11 months ago

    You are so awesome John!!! I love waking up in the mornings to see you’ve posted a new video!! I get so excited to see what new subject I’m going to learn today.. I’m a new gardener binged all your videos this year and I’ve learned SO MUCH from you.. I love it!! Keep up the amazing work the universe can only continue to bless you!! Your so informative, I don’t get why people complain about the length of your videos when they have an option of a FAST FORWARD Button!! I hope you don’t let those silly comments get under your skin. Continue being the amazing soul you are!!! I love it!!!

  • Robert Bachman 11 months ago

    Does creeping charlie have any edible uses? I have a good bit of it and wouldn't want to get rid of it if I can use it

  • Waheeda Begum 11 months ago

    Thanks your a man so much knowledge I've learned so much from you.

  • Mark Scheinfeld 11 months ago

    Haven't gardener veggies since I was a kid and Grandpa had acres of veggies, along with cattle, a poultry farm and egg ranch in Anahiem, Calif. You got me going this year. Just a couple of raised beds and between flowerbeds. Lettuce, spinach, peas and beans on a fence. Corn, Sunflowers, pumpkin and cantalope vines. Thanks… Having fun at 65 and 8 year old grandkid loves helping and seeing how fast they all grow.

  • Adam Anderson 11 months ago

    John I'm only 30 miles south of you bro great video.