Added by on 2016-09-22 Tomatoes are America’s favorite vegetable or fruit to grow at home. The first time I grew tomatoes I didn’t know what I was doing. I had successfully sprouted my first plants from seed but they soon turned spindly with just a long stem and a little leaf but they soon died. I was gardening in a very reactive manner without knowledge or experience. I used to think all that was required was a seed, dirt and some water. Why trellis tomato plants? What do I do now as they get taller? Tomatoes will take up a huge amount of room if left on their own. They will sprawl on the ground and be eaten but slugs and other pests which will ruin everything and become unsightly. The method I use I got from Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening. My difference from Mel’s book is that I use ¾ inch PVC pipe instead electrical conduit. Using a trellis system like this is Easy on the back, and adds to mass production of tomatoes. Trellising is not just for tomato plants but it’s also great for cucumbers, beans, peas, pumpkin, melon, edamame, peppers, vining squash and zucchini, and eggplant (although personally I prefer wire cages for eggplant. That’s what we’re all about here at mass production with ease and low cost at the home. Believe it or not the trellis is also strong enough to survive hurricanes level storms winter snow storms. What to do with remaining green tomatoes after frost? I put them in a box with newspaper and a banana. The ethylene gas from the banana will ripen the green tomatoes in a few days. 2 years ago we had fresh tomatoes until early December. So be sure to use this lazy method of growing the tallest and […]

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  • LittleFarmBigDreams -Elizabeth 1 year ago

    I love this! It looks so awesome! and we have bamboo here on the property as well so this is something we can do in the future! Yay!

  • Shashi Upadhyay 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing your experience in building bamboo trellis for cucumber. I had also build bamboo trellis for bitter gourd in my balcony kitchen garden.
    Posted video of same on my YouTube channel.
    Will appreciate all YouTube watchers feedback to improve on my effort.

  • jksatte 1 year ago

    So when I get my place I will probably plant bamboo first. That stuff is handy.

  • LonePawWalk 1 year ago

    Awesome….your veggies will like U.

  • 19Mariko57 1 year ago

    Awesome arky. Now there's a person who knows how to build a garden trellis. ;). 

  • LittleAce OfftheGrid (Live OFF The Mountain) 1 year ago

    Love seeing others living much like me. Keep up all good work little lady

  • mysticangells 1 year ago

    Noice job … 
    Thank ya for sharing … had a cuppa while watching 🙂 

  • Off Grid Texas Homestead 1 year ago

    Cool! Good idea Arky

  • Seeds2freedom 1 year ago

    Bathtub…lightning… nickname…Sparky Arky…lol 

  • deenaj44 1 year ago

    looks awesome!

  • ElGatoLoco698 1 year ago

    Damn, I want some of that bamboo.  You can build anything out of bamboo.

  • paul august 1 year ago

    Always enjoy the projects you do and how innovative and resourceful you are.  The rain is a real pain here in Missouri as well! Have you tried bush cucumbers?  I had never heard of them till last year but they grow in bush form rather than vines and don't get a big but I thought they were tasty.  Anyway, keep on keeping on and may your days be filled with the reality of your dreams..

  • SSArt98 1 year ago

    New sub, give thanks to Ryan & Addie (Fixedbydoc)!
    Going have to start at the beginning!
    I'm sure I'll learn something!
    Truth, Peace, Freedom & Love2ALL

  • mark a. coffeen 1 year ago

    That bamboo has sure come in handy, I just hope that you get some cucumbers now cause it's getin kinda late in the season although you probably have a longer growing season than I am used to, at any rate good luck Arky.

  • The Modern Off Griders 1 year ago

    awesome  video like always   but can SOMEONE PLEASE SEND HER A BIGGER HAMMER   LOL   

  • ColdTurkeyFlu 1 year ago

    Love this! Looks great!  I know bamboo is strong but I have to say, I'm surprised at how many hammer blows it took without splitting or fraying! Made my tent pegs look like the crap that they are! I wish I had a source of bamboo as you do. You're very lucky in that respect.

  • Jerry Densmore 1 year ago

    I've never been first to comment before. Feels good. Great job. Love watching females who love what they do. Later

  • crawdadb52 1 year ago

    Looks great and cheap.  I use posts of some sort and remesh wire for concrete for a trellis.  On my persian cukes,  I did no mesh and just two stakes a top cross member and string down to them.  Easier.