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  • Bicentricnote33 6 months ago

    I watched your other video on growing coriander, which is easier? mint or coriander. also which grows faster? thanks

  • Bicentricnote33 6 months ago

    Great video, this is root dipping technique right?
    does there have to be air space between the roots and the solution so not the entire roots is submerged in the solution and some is exposed to air?

  • RestAwhile Y'all 6 months ago

    Could you please suggest what to do to make sure mosquitoes don't grow in the water. Thanks.

  • Muhammad Haseeb 6 months ago

    very nice, keep it up

  • Parul Shah 6 months ago

    Do u get any fruit flies around this plant? I never used your method yet. I usually use organic soil to grow inside during winter season in USA but I get these flies once they grow. Thanks

  • Shajaha Shaikh 6 months ago

    Where do we get hydroponic liquid 2 grow plants?