Hydroponics & Grow Lights Charlotte NC HTGSupply http://www.htgsupply.com/locations/store-charlotte
BEST GROW SHOP IN CAROLINA’S! Lowest Prices Biggest Selection. HTGSupply 2712 Freedom Drive, Charlotte NC 28208, ph 704-697-0911. We are a Hydroponics SUPER-STORE. We have all the major brands and hundreds of grow lights in stock and ready for you to get growing. We stock every nutrient line and dozens of different soils and other growing medium. We have a helpful staff that can help anybody from the beginner to the expert, and allow you to have the best gardening results. HTGSupply stocks everything an indoor gardener needs, including pest control, odor control, temperature control, grow tents, fans and all the accessories. Open Monday – Saturday, visit our website for more info: or http://www.htgsupply.com

GROW LIGHTS HYDROPONICS CHARLOTTE North Carolina HTGSupply Indoor Gardening Supply

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