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John from is visited by Don Weaver, who wrote the book on rock dust and soil remineralization. In this eposide, learn about the benefits of using rock dust as well as how much to apply. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSuperSize Your Vegetables with Wood Chips & Rock Dust in Your GardenVegetables grown in potsWhy Local Vegetables Deserve The Investment Put ForthVegetables You Can Grow in the Winter Edible GardenGrow your own organic Vegetables – Urban Gardening, Weekend WellnessVertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get Started

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  • Corey Mcniel 9 months ago

    I made it, learned on woodprix website. great solutions I think.

  • Jon S 9 months ago

    Rock dust is a lie, the results are coming out now. Sorry guys, dont waste your money. Tests show control plants out grow rock dust plants every test.

  • artsychic2000 9 months ago

    I had a special jig made for my log splitter.  I position it vertically and crush my own lava rocks into a bin.  It works great and is super cheap!

  • Renee N. 9 months ago

    I mixed Azomite into my pepper plant today! I'm excited to see the results. Will it help to prevent blossom-end rot or should I still apply some garden lime? I already used crushed egg shell at planting.

  • Jesse Mercury 9 months ago

    granite and limestone are both carbon based

  • Libertytree Tv 9 months ago

    Results are in rock dust does not do jack the plant regulates itself the same nutrient levels with or without it

  • baddoggie101 9 months ago

    I know of a free source of rock dust.

  • ash4245 9 months ago

    andesite mineral complex is sold on amazon,com and there is a site that mines and makes basalt dust, and greensand can work well too and humic shale is a great dust elemite is a new improved version of azomite

  • Sarah Lee 9 months ago

    How long toes it take to be effective? What about potting media that will be replaced in a year or two. Will rock dust be effective within one year? or is it a more long term soil builder. is there a mineral nutrient that is fast acting and immediately available.

  • MrMarckeedee 9 months ago

    Can't find rock dust ANYWHERE. 

  • dreamsrreal22 9 months ago

    Hello John, my name is Tim and my good friend and I live on a seven acre property. He just put a second manufactured house on property. And I will be moving in the one of them in a couple weeks. And we want to start growing all our own food and maybe one day sell some of it. So for boring you, so my question is have you done or heard where you could get different kind of rock dusts in bulk? So we could get it by the truck load. Were about to put a ad up for a free dump for wood chips on Craigslist. Once we get everthing we need I want to start selling small bags to close friends and family and who ever else wants some. I just fugure since you live in california you might know. We live in wildomar, ca which is right by temecula. Thanks and hopefully you could get back to.

  • T. GRANT RICE 9 months ago


  • Jinko modson 9 months ago

    How about the rock dust on construction sites. Ya know the ones come in bags. What is your idea about that? Can we use em?

  • seth shapiro 9 months ago

    1 lbs per acre = 43,560 lbs per acre?  thats alot!  how much per acre or better how much per hectare?

  • TheCattracker 9 months ago

    so i'm cutting fieldstone for my house and at the end of cutting there is a lot of powder in the trough. is this the rock dust we're talking about?

  • Josephine Rock 9 months ago

    Why does he always yell

  • gioknows 9 months ago

    The tall guy looks like Max Headroom…

  • Ray Andrew 9 months ago


  • Alex Sommerkamp 9 months ago

    azomite has an extremely alkalizing effect. it can burn plants for sure. i've done it a couple times BE CAREFUL (use 75% less azomite than regular rock powders) use the pelletized version to avoid this effect. also rock phosphate is great and you should use a combination of different rock powders. rock phosphate is NOT chemically processed at all. I combine 1 part gaia green glaciel rock 2 part greensand 2 part calphos and 1/4 part azomite. in my experience this works great and won't burn.

  • Craige Lowry 9 months ago

    Good video!