Grow Food Cheap / Food Grade / Plant Based Diet / DIY Hydroponics

Some of my viewers are concerned with most hydroponics using plastic or PVC. Here is a cheap and easy way to grow leafy greens. This is an experiment, we will be checking on it periodically over the next few months…if it lasts that long. A great way to start your journey on a plant based diet. Part 2 will be out in a few days, still editing.

EBook shows how to grow with non circulating hydroponics:

Garden Downspout Grow Box seen in my videos:

Hydroponic nutrients and other hard to find supplies:

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Grow Food Cheap / Food Grade / Plant Based Diet / DIY Hydroponics

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  • The Indoor Outdoor Gardener

    That set-up looks amazing, I am interested in continuing to watch the progress of that experiment. Blessings

  • Albert Dominguez

    Just made my first set if the downspout system and it was so much easier than I feared. Thanks to the great instructions provided. Now just to decide what I want there and set up the seeds.

  • Mandie Garrett

    Thank you for all your great ideas. Do you know when part 2 of this video will be posted? I can start saving my cartons as we go thru them a lot. Thanks.

  • Arlene Ehrlinspiel

    Again another GREAT idea! Can’t wait to see how your going to set the plants in and how they grow. Thank You for sharing your ideas with us.

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden

    Awesome idea buddy! Looking forward to seeing how they grow for ya and how this all pans out. Git-R-Done!!

  • Cherokee Rose

    Did you know if you cut the pak choy a little higher about 1 1/2" it will grow an entire new plant again. There is a video here to prove it,

  • horserepairs

    Mike you container plant close to your house. How do you sight the grow areas depending on the season to optimize growing light? What wall is the ladder system against? Is this new grow raised bed on the south facing wall? I'm in AZ where everything fries. Thx for all your great info/experiments!

  • Rhea Griffiths

    Great repurposing. I use pillow stuffing. If people are freaky about the plastic it might not make them happy but cotton balls work too. I grow tomatoes in those containers. The grand kids and I did a (small) experiment with dirt vs duckwater. It isnt your solution but they both did great. In the end the duckwater won. Mostly I think, because more room for roots with no soil in container.
    Cooling off now, that wpuld be great for some brocs! Can't wait for the follow up vid, because I am curiois how water will react to the non coated outside afterc an extended time.

  • Forage Forage

    Mike that is so awesome with those 1/2 gall containers! Cant wait to see them all planted out! Exciting!  We drink a lot of tea..I get the 1 gall jugs.. and they make super nice containers, but you do have to darken them to help with algae control.

  • Dave Borchard

    It must have taken a year to save up all those empty containers! That’s a creative idea! I’ve seen plastic one gallon milk containers used before, but never the half gallon containers. I wonder how much light will get into containers, since they aren’t black in color. You might check how much algae growth you get in the containers after several months.

    It looks like you don’t start with reverse osmosis water. What’s your tap or well water PPM? I’ve heard that you need your water PPM to be below 20 PPM, ideally below 10 PPM. Otherwise, the nutrients could be countered when you don’t start with “clean” water. I don’t know if that’s true about the need to start with “clean” water.

    They do make water chillers, and I’ve seen people buy them at the hydroponic store. I don’t know how effective the water chillers are to cool down the water.

    If you’re using the three part Masterblend nutrient dry mix, I’ve found that I have to mix the Calcium Nitrate in hot water, otherwise it dissolves poorly in cold water. Do you pH your nutrient to about 6.5? What’s your nutrient concentration PPM?

    Nicely done video! Great editing! Nice music! Interesting and unique way to grow plants hydroponically!

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