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The UK’s longest running hydroponics expo came to Manchester in September 2013 – Did you go? If not, why? You’re really missing out! Anyway – watch this and see you next year… Video Rating: 5 / 5 This PVC hydroponic system only takes up a bit of room on my workbench, it’s very small. It uses two 4 ft fluorescent lights which are energy efficient and do not effect the room temperature… Related PostsSmart Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems by Plantekno® LED Grow Light TechnologyHydroponic Grow Tower Part 2 of 3Grow Room! Grow Hydroponic by SuperClosetPt.2/10 How to Build a Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower System and 11lb Chocolate Bar to the Rescue: )Self Watering Cannabis Grow with AutoPot – Easy / Affordable Hydroponic Growing Setup for MarijuanaHow to Grow Hydroponic Strawberries on Vertical Towers

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  • Mancgrower 5 years ago

    when is the dates for this ??

  • hydroshowtv 5 years ago

    Customize your message?

  • wangdangparkes 5 years ago

    Hey bud could hear that porno ya was watching :/ lol?

  • Heather Helphinstine 5 years ago

    You have a great video,,, right to the POINT, your not talking about what
    you had for dinner last night or how your jobs going etc. I usually fast
    fwd through all that nonsense!!!! You did great!!?

  • GardeningFriends 5 years ago
  • Bhavik Kumar 5 years ago

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  • Stephen Nelson 5 years ago

    Do you have any worries about anything leaching out of pvc pipes? ?