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Skylander Girl brings you a fun science experiment today! GROW SKYLANDERS TRAPTANIUM AT HOME! We now how powerful traptanium is, now you can be a Trap Master after you watch this video and complete the steps! 🙂 THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE THIS IDEA! ALUM can be found on and McCormick sells it in some grocery stores, you can check their website for more info on where it’s sold (U.S. information, we don’t know about other countries, sorry guys!) WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS: •Boil 1/4 cup of water and put into a glass jar (we used a little bit more) •Add (roughly) 4 tsp of alum, stirring constantly. Once all dissolved, add more until no more will dissolve. •The next day you will have a bunch of crystals on the bottom of your jar, dump the liquid alum mix carefully into a new jar while leaving the crystals untouched on the bottom of the glass. •Find the biggest and best looking “SEED” crystal, you’ll use that to make the large one. •Tie a string around your “seed crystal” and the other around the middle of a pencil (tieing around the small can be difficult, just be careful not to squeeze too hard or you could break the small crystal. •Now, suspend the seed crystal tied to the pencil into the jar with your mix. Make sure it does not touch the sides or bottom and be sure it is fully submerged. •Cover the jar with a paper towel and watch the traptanium grow. Just make sure there are no other crystals growing on the bottom of your jar again, if so, remove them by carefully relocation the solution and pencil/crystal to a new jar and discarded the old jar with crystals on the bottom. Leaving them in could make your “large” […]

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