How to grow zinnia and marigold from seed using two very distinct methods.
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How To Start A Vegetable Garden | Central Florida Gardening 101 for Self Sufficiency

I teach a lot of classes in person but the recent events have prevented group gatherings so I have started teaching via online webinars. A lot of folks have the time and interest to gain a little self sufficiency in regards to their food supply right now so this is a quick start approach on how to start a Florida vegetable garden. This is a recording of a webinar that I recently taught covering the 4 “S’s” : Sun, Soil, Seed, & Seasons to get you started growing a vegetable garden quickly. For example leafy greens are something that looses nutrients very quickly but lettuce doesnt grow in the summer heat, try growing tatsoi, new zealand spinach, or amaranth instead for year round leafy greens. This is not my typical YouTube video format but is instead a very informative talk on central Florida gardening 101.

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Grow Color in you Vegetable Garden – Growing Zinnia and Marigold

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  • x Gemini x

    Loved this! Great video nice presentation!! Subscribed. This will be my first time ever attempting to grow zinnias, tomatoes and tomatillos. I'm excited and can't wait!

  • Terriel Graham

    Great looking garden I'm here in Maryland as well . I grew some zinnias last season . even had a hummingbird come by and hang out in the garage for a day.

  • Sara Phillips

    Zinnias are my favorite flower. Tomatoes are probably my favorite vegetable. Never thought about growing them together. Have grown many other flowers with my tomatoes. Will try zinnias this year.

  • Ziay Morgentau

    Did someone out there know the name of this beautiful bush with rose flowers shown in the thumbnail?
    Thank you Siloe for presenting your wonderful work with such an effort and greetings from the south of france♡

  • Sarah G

    I just discovered your channel and I'm so in love with the editing of your videos and your calm and thoughtful approach to gardening! I'm getting so many ideas for my own yard and I love the values you bring to it as well 🙂

  • Erica Hernandez

    Love your video! Your style of planting is like mine, this year was my first year with flowers in the vegetables! It’s amazing. Looking forward to plant even more soon.

  • Vickie Johnson

    I would really love to have one of those garden tools you have! It looks so useful and I notice it has a measure on the blade. Can you share where to buy one?

  • FlowerFairy

    Yes, I read that seed from your own plants are much better as their DNA is attuned to your environment. I heard about trucking bees in for almond trees etc; Dave Goulson says they are most unhappy bees. Pity farmers don't plant for pollinators with their nut trees and fruit orchards.

  • Haneena Says

    I 100% agree on your point that plants that grow by itself turnout to be the most beautiful and resilient of all.I have seen it happen so many times.

  • Brian Hall

    For shade cloth, what variety did you use? I've been using a lightweight row cover that says it lets 85% of light through. I originally picked it up because my plants were being beset upon by leaf miners and neighborhood cats were wandering through it as well. So it's had the double effect of pest prevention AND cooling my plants. It has, however, ripped quite a bit due to being so light. Would a heavier version be better?

  • Emerald Green Gardener

    Thank you for your channel. You are right about amending the soil! If you want your jalapenos and serranos hot plat the for the afternoon sun us best for (hot) peppers.

  • bluebirdhill1

    Also, if someone lives in a manicured area of Florida with a homeowners association, what edible trees and veggies do you recommend that can "blend" with the usual Florida landscaping and go "undetected" by the HOA plant police?

  • nazalya21

    I live in south Florida. Now im battling with iguanas eating my garden. I tried putting fence, organic repellent. Nothing seems to work. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks you in advance

  • Tila

    I just found your channel! I'm in Sarasota county, just starting my first garden. I'm really grateful for your information specific to Florida. I really messed up on some of my seedlings and I'm struggling to figure out what to plant where due to the blazing sun which has fried some of my plants ….. I guess messing up is part of learning lol. I'll get there! Can't wait to watch more of your videos 🙂

  • Peyton

    Thanks for the info! I’m also in central Florida. I’m just beginning my gardening journey. I bought a raised box and I’m super excited to start planting.

  • Spaced Nation

    This is AMAZING! you know so much about nutrition and growing food. I had no idea food loses so much nutrition from being grown so far away! subscribed I did know about monocropping though. I would like to not have to rely on the 1000 mile supply chain for our food, and grow what we eat most of in our backyard.

    Definitely starting my own garden (I already have raised beds but I haven't made the best of them) as I've noticed that the produce I buy from the store is already rotting before opening the package. I've seen pictures of HUUUUGE piles of vegetables like onion just left to rot because the supply chain is broken because of quarantine. They are doing the same with meat, 1000s of animals being slaughtered simply because the demand vs supply is out of balance. Such a shame.

  • Gary Scanlon

    I'm finding your videos very useful as I am down in Belize, so need to know about hot weather gardening. Unfortunately, we are in a severe drought. Not a drop of rain for 3 months and over 100F every day. But, I started vegetable gardening a few weeks ago and so far, my sweet potatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes, radishes and lima beans are all taking off very well. So was my kale, but they all got bitten off, I think by ants. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for your info. I'm really enjoying this new 'venture'.

  • Trinity L

    Super grateful for this! I used to work on a farm and want to start an organic garden in my backyard. This was super informative.

    Edit: I can't send feedback since I watched on here but more pictures for the slideshow next time would be great if you have the time haha!