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John from takes you on a field trip to the 2013 National Hardware Show into the Lawn & Garden Pavillion to share with you the best new products that will allow you to grow more food at home. In this episode John will share with you a handful of new products that he feels are valuable to people who want to grow food at home. In this episode you will learn about: 1. Living Wall Planter – Grow vertically on any wall or fence. 2. Gronomics Cedar Vertical Planter – upscale 100% wood planter to grow vertically and even indoors! 3. Flower Tower – Can also be used to grow strawberries, herbs and leafy greens. Inexpensive outdoor vertical growing solution. 4. Nature’s Guide Products offers organic and natural pest control, fertilizers and other products that will help you garden without synthetic chemicals. 5. Burpee Seeds and Plants – Offering new and unique varieties of seeds and plants. Specifically NON-GMO fruits and vegetables, some of which contain higher levels of antioxidants. 6. Toter Composter – A continuous flow composter on wheels that allows you to compost and dump your finished compost where you need it. 8. Garden on Wheels – Allows you to grow a garden without bending and being able to move your garden to where you need it. Perfect for people that have limited mobility or don’t like to bend. Link to video I made on the prototype: 8. Unique Trellis and Tomato Cages – Enable you to grow vertically even if you forgot to cage your tomatoes at the beginning of the season. 9. Detergent Free Laundry Solution – Perfect to create a greywater that can be used straight into your garden to irrigate your crops without high levels […]

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  • ILOVE2FeelGOOD 4 years ago

    Inspiring! !!!

  • slvta1982 4 years ago

    I know! I love this guy HAHAHA

  • Kenny Wong 4 years ago


  • TUXYtheguardian 4 years ago

    "and I like my cherry tomatoes sweet just like I like my women" LOL

  • OperatorAce 4 years ago

    Just started watching your videos man – your work is the shit!

  • Michael Tellez 4 years ago

    You're awesome dig your enthusiasm thank you

  • westchesterny 4 years ago

    The city atmosphere is sort of depressing. If everyone really would "keep it small and local," then maybe all the citizens could make use of all the empty land in the country, since there's millions of acres that (back in reality, regardless of what people say) are unoccupied. The ms media people in large cities don't even know that b/c most have never traveled in what Generational americans used to call "america," lol

  • DizzzyKipper 4 years ago

    Allot of good info.Love your videos.

  • BalconyGrow 4 years ago

    Two of my favorites from Burpees that I have been growing for years are the Sweet Tangerine tomato and the Mariachi Hot Pepper. Both have exceptional flavor.

  • oas1s2004 4 years ago

    16:51 lols oh john… great video though!

  • lamere2k 4 years ago

    Thanks about the info about cedarcide . My sister has an issue with ants in her house & this might help her . Too bad it won 't keep her creep soon to be ex husband out …

  • Marcin Szczotka 4 years ago

    Hi John, about that Toter composter. Did you consider how many waste you generateThis container is far too small for you and for many people( family with children and front lawn cutted 2 times weekly in Summer + 2x brown stuff for ex.)They will need at least a couple of that. It is wiser to make your own compost pile (no costs).That composter force you to mix staff outside of it.Putting layers will extend the duration of composting.Leaves on the bottom will glue together and may clog container.

  • Mitch S 4 years ago

    gmo-compass (dot) org

  • Mitch S 4 years ago

    wheat, sugar beets, potatoes, rice are among other GMO'd crops.

  • mgrif39 4 years ago

    Tell us about your shoes.

  • Gay Johnson 4 years ago

    Your videos are so much fun and so informative. Thanks!

  • fernando wickrama 4 years ago

    Great work Mr john.Thanks a lot. I learned so many things.

  • westvalleyhvac 4 years ago

    Dope! New to the channel and I'm getting started on all your vids. I know you've probably answered this but I can find it. Is air conditioner water good for fruit trees?

    Thanks in advance!