Grow a Vertical Vegetable Garden in a Small Space with Hog Wire Fencing

John from visits his local Habitat for Humanity Store to check out the Garden Center and shares a unique way to grow a wall of food vertically using hog wire fencing.

Grow a Vertical Vegetable Garden in a Small Space with Hog Wire Fencing

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  • Sheds Direct

    If somebody of you is planning to build a vegetable garden in your home, this video is a MUST WATCH to get perfect ideas on how to start it! Even the design is awesome! Well, growing vegetables in your home is also beneficial as it save your money while providing you the right food to eat.

  • jtroyer1975

    Just an FYI, that was a Re-Store. They are simply selling donated goods to support the work they do. Habitat helps people build a home. It is great. Each home owner puts sweat equity as well as money into their new home and items and labor gets donated. Then that homeowner will help someone else in the Habitat program by volunteering to help work on their home. I got friends who built a home with them. Outstanding organization. Their website explains it all.

  • Genna Scartaccini

    I suggest you tie burlap to the backside of this fencing to make long pockets – I use garden wire to "sew" the burlap or canvas( old drop cloths) to the wire making rows. Then add mulch /composted soil before you place your plant in the hole. I angle the pots in a bit ( the biodegradable ones- the plastic ones I take the plants out). I have my fencing staked to the ground with fence posts to support the weight of everything. Then add an old hose rigged as drip system at the top back

  • JeremiahJohnson84

    Thanks for another great tip John! If anyone's looking for more ideas on small space gardening for vegetables and other food, check out my channel, thanks!

  • ech0dancer

    that's what Habitat for Humanity has to show people to help them build a better life ? You're kidding, right ? That's like the single most pathetic piece of work I have ever seen.

    They are somehow a part of the Welfare system ?

    If that's all good tax money is getting for people who want a "hand up" not a "hand out" are plants that look like that, no wonder they have to have food stamps !

    More caseworkers needing their azz kicked if ya ask me ! Sorry for the tude but WOW that's BAD!

  • Crystal Tweeboom

    Hey john, check this video out! I love watching gardening video's and looking foor cool Ideas and tips and I came accros this one and thought it was super cool looking and easy to make yourself!
    Vertical Gardening by yootubealator

  • Joe Serrano

    Great idea,….i wonder if strawberries would do well in this vertical veggie garden,….i heard somewhere they adapt as easily to a potted container as well as to open ground,…thumbs up to ya John and thankin' ya for another COOL UPLOAD!! = D

  • Vincent Barrios

    Id like to try this with the pots hooked up to drip lines. Maybe just use gravel or other hydroponic medium too.

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